Best Upcoming Zombie Movies 2015

Best Upcoming Zombie Movies 2015

These are the best upcoming zombie movies coming out in 2015. We narrowed down this list to our favorite zombie picks because there are a lot. Some indie zombie movies did not make the list because they just did not sound good enough to list right now with the limited promo material released. Please feel free to add additional movies in the comments below.

Upcoming Zombie Movies 2015

Maggie zombie movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin

Maggie (2014)

Starring Abigail Breslin, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joely Richardson in a drama horror thriller zombie movie where Wade (Arnold) stays by his daughter Maggie (Abigail) as the zombie outbreak sweeps over the Midwest America. Maggie is directed by Henry Hobson.

Dead Rising Game Cover Art

Dead Rising (2015)

Based on the popular zombie game franchise Dead Rising from Capcom and directed by Zach Lipovsky. Cast in the Dead Rising movie are Virginia Madsen, Meghan Ory and Rob Riggle. The Dead Rising movie will feature a group of people fighting to survive in a zombie infested town. I cannot wait to see if they will make original crafted weapons and vehicles in the movie, they should.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies cover

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2015)

Burr Steers directs the film based on the popular horror novel from Seth Grahame-Smith. I did not read the book but it has a big fan base. Lena Headey, Lily James, Sam Riley star in the zombie film that mashes up the classic tale with an army of undead zombies.

Scouts vs. Zombies still

Scouts vs. Zombies (2015)

Christopher Landon directs cast including Halston Sage, Sara Malakul Lane and Tye Sheridan. Three scouts attempt to save their town from zombies in this horror comedy.

Zombie Ted (2015)

This comedy film from director Anne Welles releases October 15, 2015. Ted thinks that he is not a zombie and his girlfriend thinks she is not a vampire, both are unsure though.

Marilyn: Zombie Hunter (2015)

I Kill Zombies (2015)

Zombie Reign (2015)

Welcome to Essex (2015)

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016)

Said to be the final Resident Evil movie in the franchise (until the Resident Evil reboot) starring Wentworth Miller, Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

Day of the Dead (????)

Evil Dead 2 (????) - The sequel to the Evil Dead Reboot in 2013 by director Fede Alvarez.

Pet Sematary (????) - Reboot to the scary Stephen King Pet Sematary movie.

Six Gun Dead (????)

The Last of Us (????) - Based on the popular Playstation game of the same name. The only confirmed cast of The Last of Us movie is Maisie Williams.

Army of the Dead (????)

Dead Island (????) - Based on the popular zombie game franchise Dead Island.

Zombieland 2 (????) - The long awaited Zombieland 2 Sequel that only has Ruben Fleischer confirmed as the director.

Some horror movies that "may be" zombie movies

The Pyramid (2014) - Not really sure if the horror movie features zombies or aliens but it seems too.

Lazarus (2015) - Releasing February 20, 2015 with a group of medical students who learn how to bring patients back from the dead.

Cooties (2014) - Starring Elijah Wood and featuring a mysterious virus turning kids in feral savages. This is thin border line zombie at best but worth mentioning if it is close to zombies, if it is not, oops.