Gnome Alone DVD / VOD Releases January 2015

Timothy Woodward Jr. and John Michael ElfersGnome Alone (2014), originally titled Legend (2014), will release on DVD and VOD this January 20, 2015. The cover art for the DVD looks like an old-style painting featuring The Gnome with red pupil eyes and long red chin hair. Starring in Gnome Alone are Verne Troyer as The Gnome with Kerry Knuppe, Marlon Young, Matt Cinquanta and Bill Oberst Jr.

Synopsis: When timid college student Zoe witnesses a hit-and-run, the dying victim gives her a strange amulet. Suddenly, all those who have offended Zoe in her life begin dying horrible deaths at the hands of a malicious gnome (Troyer). When Zoe discovers the horrible history behind the amulet, will she be able to harness its magical power before the gnome begins killing those closest to her?

Legend (2015)

Synopsis: When Zoe inherits the magical protection of a bewitched Gnome, she quickly realizes that he isn't your garden variety gnome, when he begins eliminating her enemies in extravagant displays of revenge.
Cast: Bill Oberst Jr., David Hill, Willow Hale, Verne Troyer, Kerry Knuppe, Ross Bagley, Erik Aude, Matt Cinquanta, E.R. Ruiz, Aria London, John Michael, Angela Denton, Josh Berger, Michael J Long, Michael John Long, Kodi Saint Angelo, Tukise Mogoje, Rachel Applehans, Noli Mollakuqe, David Baptiste, Andrew Olson, Massimo Dobrovic, Gerry Orz, Lonna Drewes, Rachel Pringle, Marlon Young, Kinley Farrow, Angie Raven, Xander France, Sierra Smith
Directors: Timothy Woodward Jr., John Michael Elfers
Genres: Horror
AKA(s): Gnome, Gnome Alone
Year: 2015
Runtime: 94
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Lauren De Normandie, John Michael Elfers, Glenn Ennis
Producers: Agustin, Jerry G. Angelo, Ryan Azevedo, Geoff P. Browne, Matt Cinquanta, Binh Dang, Lauren De Normandie, Geza Decsy, Phillip B. Goldfine, Marlowe Harvey, Colin Mackenzie, Timothy Marlowe, Nick Reed, Bryan S. Sexton, Timothy Woodward Jr.
Musicians: Marinho Nobre
Editors: Sebastian Donnington

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