[REC] 4: Apocalypse Infographic - Anatomy of the Virus

[REC] 4: Apocalypse Infographic - Anatomy of the Virus

[REC] 4: Apocalypse (2014) just released in theaters and VOD but today we have a infographic that details the Anatomy of the Virus: The Science of Demonic Possession. REC 4 is the final movie in the franchise and this infographic should sum up everything you need to know. Jaume Balaguero directs while Manuela Velasco, Paco Manzanedo and Hector Colome star.

[REC] 4: Apocalipsis (2014)

Synopsis: An ill-fated television reporter is rescued and sent on a voyage across the ocean, but she is followed by the deadly virus that has plagued her and numerous others.
Cast: Javier Botet, Mark Schardan, Manuela Velasco, Paco Obregón, Paco Manzanedo, María Alfonsa Rosso, Ismael Fritschi, Héctor Colomé, Críspulo Cabezas, Javier Laorden, Emilio Buale, Mariano Venancio, Cristian Aquino, Khaled Kouka, Carlos Zabala
Directors: Jaume Balagueró
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Action
AKA(s): [REC] 4: Apocalypse
Year: 2014
Runtime: 95
MPAA Rating: R
Awards: 2
Nominations: 10
Writers: Jaume Balaguero, Manu Diez
Producers: Valentina Chidichino, Carlos Fernandez, Julio Fernandez, Laura Fernandez, Teresa Gefaell, Oriol Maymo, Adria Mones, Alberto Alvarez
Musicians: Arnau Bataller
Editors: David Gallart

Source: craveonline.com

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