December 2014's Horror Block Review

December 2014s Horror Block Review

Horror Block is a monthly subscription service that sends you a mystery box filled with horror related items monthly. The box usually contains a horror magazine, collectibles including horror toys and other cool items. Horror Block is from the people who brought us Nerd Block. Now let us talk about what was in this month’s Horror Block.

December 2014 Horror Block Review

  1. Poltergeist Mousepad - Although I already have a mousepad I thought this was cool because the mousepad I am using right now already has wear on it, time to swap it out.
  2. Funko Pop! Universal Monster - I think the major thing I look forward to in a Horror Block are the Funko Pop! items. This month I received the ‘Creature From the Black Lagoon’ which fits nicely in my collection.
  3. Rue-Morgue Magazine - This month we received the Rue-Morgue horror magazine. This issue features the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters which ties perfectly with the latest horror news trends.
  4. Maggot Eye Squeeze Skeleton - My children especially loved this gag-item. When you squeeze the skull, the eyes pop out and little maggots pop through into the red gel filled eyes, nice.
  5. Zomb-Ease Disinfectant - Just what you need for the flu season, hand sanitizer. Keeps germs from spreading making you look like a zombie.
  6. Overlook Hotel T-shirt - This shirt is a great reminder of ‘The Shining’ and one of the very first horror movies I ever saw as a child, great times.