Do You Know These Famous Texas Serial Killers List Names?

Do You Know These Famous Texas Serial Killers List Names?

It is alarmingly scary that you can live in a state that has had many serial killers and not even know about it for years. We decided to round-up a List of Famous Texas Serial Killers. This Texas Serial Killers List includes most of the known serial killers in Texas, and we tried to include as many big names as possible. Police are always investigating serial killer murders of victims even after several years have passed. Of course, we cannot add every new serial killer but if you know of a serial killer who did not make the list, please add their name(s) in the comments below. Also, if you want to see a particular state, please let us know by requesting the US state in the comments below.

Albright, Charles (Charles Albright) - He is also known as "The Eyeball Killer" and was convicted of murdering three prostitutes in Dallas, Texas. Charles was sentenced in 1994 to life in prison. State: Texas Born: August 10, 1933

Ball, Joe (Joe Ball) - He is also known as "The Alligator Man" and is convicted of killing 20 women. Suspected of killing more females but not proven. State: Texas Born: January 6, 1892

Cole, Carroll (Carroll Cole) - She murdered six females and one little boy. She may have murdered more people. States: California, Nevada, Texas Born: May 9, 1938

Corll, Dean (Dean Corll), David Owen Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley - Dean, Elmer and their accomplice David Owen Brooks kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered 5 men and 25 boys. The murders are known as the Houston Mass Murders in the 1970s. State: Texas Born: Corll - December 24, 1939

Jones, Genene (Genene Jones) - She was convicted of poisoning one infant in her care but is suspected of many more. State: Texas Born: July 13, 1950

Lockhart, Michael Lee (Michael Lee Lockhart) - He was giving the lethal injection for killing 3 confirmed people. He claims to kill more than 24 more people. States: Indiana, Texas, Florida, Tennessee Born: September 30, 1960

Lucas, Henry Lee (Henry Lee Lucas) - He was sentenced to death for killing 11 confirmed people and confessing to killing approximately 3,000 others. A thorough ongoing investigation revealed that he has killed 213 people so far. State: Michigan, Texas and maybe Florida Born: August 23, 1963

Maust, David Edward (David Edward Maust) - He was sentenced to life in prison for killing five teenage boys. States: Texas, Hesse, Illinois, Indiana Born: April 5, 1954

McDuff, Kenneth (Kenneth McDuff) - He was also known as "The Broomstick Killer" who was given the death sentence for killing several people after his parole. State: Texas Born: March 21, 2946

Morin, Stephen (Stephen Morin) - He was sentenced to death by lethal injection for killing three women. He was suspected in over 30 more murders in unsolved crimes. States: Texas, Colorado Born: February 19, 1951

Muhammad, John Allen (John Allen Muhammad) and Lee Boyd Malvo - They were also known as "The Beltway Snipers" Duo, who killed ten people and injured others. States: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, Washington State, and Washington, D.C. Born: December 31, 1960

Peete, Louise (Louise Peete) - She was sentenced to the gas chamber for murdering a man and woman. State: California and Texas Born: September 20, 1880

Resendiz, Angel Maturino (Angel Maturino Resendiz) - He was also known as "The Railroad Killer or The Railway Killer" who killed nine people and possibly many more that are not proven. State: Texas, Kentucky, Illinois Born: August 1, 1959

Saenz, Kimberly Clark (Kimberly Clark Saenz) - She was sentenced to life in prison for killing five patients by injecting bleach into their dialysis lines with syringes. State: Texas Born: November 3, 1973

Sells, Tommy Lynn (Tommy Lynn Sells) - He was sentenced to death by lethal injection for the conviction of one murder and confessing to murdering dozens of people in the United States. Six are confirmed. States: Missouri, New York, Illinois, Texas, Kentucky and maybe more states. Born: June 28, 1964

Shore, Anthony Allen (Anthony Allen Shore) - He was also known as "The Tourniquet Killer" who was convicted of strangling a woman and confessed to killing three girls. He was giving the death penalty. State: Texas Born: June 25, 1962

Toole, Ottis (Ottis Toole) - He was Henry Lee Lucas’ accomplice and was convicted of six murders. He was sentenced to death but later commuted to life in prison. State: Florida and Texas Born: March 5, 1947.

Wardrip, Faryion (Faryion Wardrip) - He was sentenced to death for killing five young women. State: Texas Born: March 6, 1959

Watts, Coral Eugene (Coral Eugene Watts) - He was sentenced to life in prison without parole for two murders and admitting to killing 80 people. He died eight days after imprisonment from prostate cancer. State: Texas and Michigan Born: November 7, 1953

Wilder, Christopher (Christopher Wilder) - He was also known as "The Beauty Queen Killer" who killed eight women. He died from gunshot wounds. States: Florida, California, Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, New York, Utah Born: March 13, 1945

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