Lucy Lawless and Stuart Townsend Join WGN America's Salem Season 2

Lucy Lawless and Stuart Townsend Join WGN Americas Salem Season 2

WGN America’s Salem TV Series came as a well welcomed treat to many horror fans of witches and even demons. The latest update for WGN America’s Salen Season 2 adds Lucy Lawless as Countess Marburg and Stuart Townsend as aristocrat Samuel Wainwright. Lawless’ character is important because she is one of the last remaining ancient German witches. Townsend’s character is a doctor looking to unravel the mysteries of Salem while keeping his own a mystery. Joe Doyle will play Baron Sebastian Marburg who is the son of Countess Marburg (Lawless). Oliver Bell is now a season regular as Mary Sibley’s (Janet Montgomery) long lost son, once thought to be dead but was raised in secret by Mary’s very own witches.

WGN America’s Salem Season 2 - ‘Anne’ Teaser Video


Salem (2014)

Directed by Joe Dante, Tim Andrew, David Grossman, David Von Ancken, Peter Weller, Alex Zakrzewski, Richard Shepard, Nick Copus, Brannon Braga, Jennifer Lynch


Official Synopsis: Explores what really fueled the town's infamous witch trials and uncovering the dark, supernatural truth hiding behind this infamous period in American history.

Cast: Dane Rhodes, Xander Berkeley, Justin Lebrun, Thomas Francis Murphy, Lara Grice, Christopher Berry, Stephen Lang, Lucy Lawless, Jonny Coyne, Mallory…
Genres: Thriller, Drama, Fantasy