'The Blair Witch Project' Sequel Confirmed?!

The Blair Witch Project Sequel Confirmed?!

Eduardo Sanchez is one of the filmmaking duo team that brought us The Blair Witch Project that made waves for its found video footage style when it was released in 1999. The sequel was rushed and was terrible resulting in the whole franchise scrapped after that. Flash forward to present day and Sanchez revealed that he has been in talks with Lionsgate on creating the next Blair Project movie. Sanchez reveals that he would not be surprised if something happened within the next year or two. Are you guys psyched to see the new Blair Project movie?

"We have been talking to Lionsgate and there has been a little bit of movement but nothing is concrete," Sanchez tells DreadCentral "The film seems inevitable to me, but really it’s just a matter of it being the right time. I’m thinking it’s going to happen sooner than later at this point, but I always say that. There’s always rumblings and certain ideas being pushed around and such. While I don’t have anything firm to talk about now, it wouldn’t surprise me if something happened within the next year or two."

Source: dreadcentral.com