New January 2015 Horror Block Box Reveal

New January 2015 Horror Block Box Reveal

Horror Block is a monthly subscription service that sends you a mystery box filled with horror related items monthly from the makers of Nerd Block. Usually, the box contains a horror magazine, collectibles including horror toys and other cool items. This month we received a whopping 2 T-shirts at the loss of the Funko POP! surprise character. I really like the Funko POP! characters personally. So let us get to the contents from this month’s Horror Block.

January 2015 Horror Block Box

(1) Good Guy T-Shirt - Chucky fans screamed in joy when we received the Child’s Play Good Guy T-shirt featuring Chucky.

(2) American Horror Story Freak Show T-Shirt - Big win for the popular TV show American Horror Story Freak Show fans.

(3) Rue-Morgue Magazine - Always a nice treat to stay in the know.

(4) Madballs - Popular back in the 80s and a nice addition to the box. I am very happy with the ones I received.

(5) Twilight Zone Comic - Here is the first issue of the Twilight Zone comic books. I am going to keep this in pristine condition.

(6) Living Dead Dolls figure - This is a Horror Block exclusive and she sure is a beauty.


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