'Crow' Creator Wants Sam Witwer to Play the Crow!

Crow Creator Wants Sam Witwer to Play the Crow!

James O’Barr wants Sam Witwer (Syfy’s Being Human TV series) to play the Crow in the Crow Remake. Luke Evans recently left the limbo that is the Crow Remake to make more movies, he just could not put a hold on his schedule. O’Barr actually reached out to Witwer after Evans departed from the film and Witwer told O’Barr that he would “mow his lawn for the rest of his life for the chance.” Witwer is just funny like that and just like that, Witwer needs the final approval from the Crow Remake director Corin Hardy and Witwer could be announced the official Crow.

O’Barr said he still needs to convince Hardy of the choice, but when Evans exited, he phoned Witwer and told him he was now at the top of the list. He said Witwer’s reply was that he’d mow the creator’s lawn for the rest of their lives for the chance.

The Crow has already racked $20 million in debt because of the huge delays and already building financial issues that the upcoming film has already faced. Can Sam Witwer bring the movie to life? Can the addition of Witwer bring in additional funding to negate the current debt? I am a huge fan of Witwer and I even suggested Sam Witwer as a candidate for the Highlander Remake as Connor MacLeod himself, don’t hate, he is a great actor.

Source: blastr.com