February 2015's Horror Block Review - Bride of Frankenstein T-shirt

February 2015s Horror Block Review - Bride of Frankenstein T-shirt

Just opened up my latest Horror Block Box and I had a few great surprises inside. Every month Horror Block sends me a horror themed mystery box full of toys, t-shirt, magazine and other mysteries. This month we received a Bride of Frankenstein T-shirt, Rue-Morgue Magazine, Vampire Slap Watch, Zombie Cell Plush, Horror Novel “Bitten” and Zombie Puss. Full details and image below!

February 2015 Horror Block

  1. Bride of Frankenstein T-shirt - A tribute to the love in the air, celebrate Valentine’s Day with Frankenstein’s love. My wife snatched this up quickly.
  2. Rue-Morgue Magazine - A great addition to the Horror Block box every month to read a fresh copy of a horror magazine.
  3. Vampire Slap Watch - This is really awesome and reminds me of my youth with the slap wristbands. My kids really enjoyed this item and was quickly grabbed from my hand.
  4. Zombie Cell Plush - A pretty funny plush item that is an enlarged "zombie virus", go figure. My toddler grabbed this one.
  5. Horror Novel "Bitten" by Kelley Armstrong - This is the horror novel that Syfy’s Bitten TV series is based off. My wife claimed this prize too.
  6. Zombie Puss - No lie… that is the name lol. This container is filled with zombie radioactive goo and a zombie suspended in the goo. This mimics Night of the Living Dead’s zombie container. My two older sons loved this item.

Seriously, a great set of items in this months Horror Block. Everyone in the household claimed an item and the entire family loved their item(s).

Source: horrorblock.com