New 'Grab Block' Box from the Makers of Horror Block / Nerd Block

The makers of Horror Block and Nerd Block have just announced the addition of the Grab Block box. The Grab Block is available until March 23, 2015 for $15.99 per block. The block will include a shirt and at least 1 Funko Pop or Plush item, I personally love the Funko Pop items. We may post a full review of the Grab Block next month if we get one.

- Available until March 23rd
- $15.99 per block
- Includes a shirt in very Grab Block
- Includes at least 1 Funko Pop or 1 Plush item
- Made up of items that were included in previous months block
- Available as a one-time payment for Arcade, Horror and Classic Grab Block’s


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