March 2015 Horror Block - The Walking Dead Theme

March 2015 Horror Block - The Walking Dead Theme

March’s Horror Block was AMC‘s The Walking Dead themed and it certainly did deliver. You can also call it the Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) mystery box. We have a great drawstring bag and Motorcycle Repair T-shirt featuring Daryl. Also added were the Rue-Morgue Magazine, Lee Howard Pinhead Print, Wind-up Mummy Puzzle and an exclusive Horror Block key cap. Full details on each below.

April 2015 Horror Block

  1. The Walking Dead’s Daryl Drawstring Bag - This bag features AMC’s The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) which was easily a great addition to the Horror Block that had everyone in my family looking to grab it up.
  2. The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon Motorcycle Repair Shirt - The shirt is a good print and although I took the drawstring bag, my wife yet again claimed the Horror Block T-shirt this month.
  3. Wind-up Mummy Puzzle - A very different item that is both a puzzle and a wind-up toy. My two older sons enjoyed this item and I enjoyed the teamwork they displayed in order to complete the final Mummy Wind-up.
  4. Horror Block Key Cap - I got the "crazy" haunted doll design that looks awesome instead of the clown design.
  5. Lee Howard Pinhead Print - A nice addition to my growing collection. The art is on a canvas that is over a wooden frame. Really high quality art print.
  6. Rue-Morgue Magazine - The latest issue of the Rue-Morgue horror magazine, fun to read in my downtime.


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