Lionsgate 'Cube Remake' Confirmed - Titled 'Cubed'

Lionsgate Cube Remake Confirmed - Titled Cubed

Lionsgate has confirmed that they will be making the Cube (1997) Remake of Vincenzo Natali‘s psychological thriller. The Cube Remake will be directed by Saman Kesh now titled Cubed. Philip Gawthorne is screenwriting off a rough story by Kesh. Roy Lee and Jon Spaihts will produce with Vertigo’s Adam Stone as the lead. Cube was such a great film that had so much awesomeness coming from the stars and situations, can they reproduce that again… time will tell.

Synopsis: Using the original setup of seven strangers trapped in a giant cube-like structure, Cubed is described as a sci-fi survival thriller about artificial intelligence, humanity and the birth of a new "digital" race.

Cube (1997) Trailer


Controller - Short Film by Saman Kesh