Lead Actor Jack Huston Leaves THE CROW (2016)

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Lead Actor Jack Huston Leaves THE CROW (2016)

Former lead actor of The Crow Remake, aka The Crow (2016), Jack Huston has just left the movie altogether. The new movie is about to start production in a few weeks but Huston left due to “scheduling conflicts”. Seems pretty weird that this was only now determined but maybe I am speculating too much. Director Corin Hardy seemed unfazed by the news simply stating that a new lead actor will be cast in the coming weeks… more fish in the sea I guess. It is reported that Jack O’Connell and Nicholas Hoult are possible replacements.

The Crow

Directed by Corin Hardy

AKA(s): The Crow

Movie Overview

Official Synopsis: Eric, a poetic guitarist, is brought back to life by a crow a year after he and his fiancé are murdered.

Cast: Forest Whitaker, Jason Momoa, Andrea Riseborough
Genres: Thriller, Action, Fantasy, Crime, Romance

Source: variety.com