CW's Hawkgirl Season 1 in Development!?

CWs Hawkgirl Season 1 in Development!?

CW is reportedly in early development stages for a Hawkgirl TV series. Hawkgirl was teased in The Flash season 2 finale and later shown in CW’s Legends of Tomorrow TV series trailer. Ciara Renee will star as Hawkgirl once the Hawkgirl TV series becomes official. The character’s “real” name is Kendra Saunders and is being described as a young woman who has been repeatedly reincarnated over the centuries. To me, this all sound fantastic and there is so much you can do with a character like this.

SpoilerTV has learned that The CW is planning a separate Hawkgirl TV series starring Ciara Ren?e. The project is currently in very early stages of development. If The CW decides to move forward with it, it will most likely bypass the pilot stage and get a straight to series order.

It is unclear if the series will be set before or after the events of The CW’s upcoming TV series Legends of Tomorrow.