The Unwanted Explores the Mystery of Elisa Lam

The mystery of Elisa Lam‘s death went unsolved and viral after video footage found her unusual behavior inside an elevator at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. The viral video of Elisa Lam is posted below. Lam then went missing after the events that happened in the video and was found weeks later in the water tank of the hotel. No one knows why the events happened in the elevator and why she was found in the water tank. Destin Pfaff has recently attached himself to direct a film, The Unwanted, about the mystery of Elisa Lam’s death. Destin Pfaff was the writer/producer of Sushi Girl (2012). Tony Todd, Rachel Federoff, and Andy Mackenzie have all found interest in the project and signed onto the project. The poster is below and if you can, follow the Kickstarter link below to help fund The Unwanted.



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