THE CROW Remake Production Shut Down

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THE CROW Remake Production Shut Down

Corin Hardy‘s The Crow (2016) production has been officially shut down until Relativity Media can deal with some bankruptcy issues. A lead actor is still yet to be found with Forest Whitaker rumored to be in talks. Andrea Riseborough is cast as the villain Top Dollar. If Relativity Media is successful in dealing with their financial matters, they will then pursue production and release of The Crow (2016), The Crow remake. Some may have different points of view, but I think that The Crow should finally be put out to rest. The Crow franchise started off okay but has declined rapidly into something worse than a joke. What do you think; should The Crow continue to fight for a remake if Relativity Media is unsuccessful or should it end right there?

The Crow

Directed by Corin Hardy

AKA(s): The Crow

Movie Overview

Official Synopsis: Eric, a poetic guitarist, is brought back to life by a crow a year after he and his fiancé are murdered.

Cast: Forest Whitaker, Jason Momoa, Andrea Riseborough
Genres: Thriller, Action, Fantasy, Crime, Romance