Top 10 Monsters From the Bible

Top 10 Monsters From the Bible

The Bible holds a huge collection of tales that include beasts. These beasts are huge and otherworldly. Some may only be tamed by God alone. This article serves as a nice refresher to some of the darker things in the Bible and like all things in the Bible, everything is open to interpretation and open-mindedness.

10. Behemoth

The Book of Job, one of the oldest books in the Bible tells the Behemoth is a gigantic and powerful creature. Only God can tame the Behemoth. The tail of the Behemoth is compared to a cedar when it moves. The Behemoth sounds like a dinosaur, but the Behemoth has a navel. Dinosaurs do not have navels, so that rules out the Behemoth being a dinosaur.

In Jewish tradition, the Behemoth is a primal earth monster. The Behemoth is the living symbol of chaos.

9. The First Beast

The First Beast is referenced in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. The First Beast has seven heads and ten horns that arise from the ocean. The First Beast is a mix of many great predators. The First Beast has the feet of a bear, the mouth of a lion, and the general appearance of a leopard.

8. The Second Beast

The Second Beast follows the First Beast and rises from the Earth. This beast has two horns and is said to speak like a dragon. Not sure what speaking like a dragon means. This creature will perform false miracles leading people to worship the first beast. This beast also allows the first beast to kill anyone who does not worship it.

7. Unicorns

Not exactly a ferocious beast but still not your ordinary beast. The Unicorn is mentioned nine times in the King James Bible. Recent interpretations have revealed that the references to Unicorns in the Bible refer to Aurochs. Aurochs are a distant ancestor to modern-day cows that went extinct in the 17th century.

6. Abaddon’s Locusts

These locusts are not your usual locusts, but instead resemble war horse, have the stinging tails of scorpions, faces of men, long hair like women, wear crowns of gold, and armored breastplates. They are led by Abaddon who is an angel of the bottomless pit whose name means "Destroyer".

5. The 200 Million Horsemen

The 200 million horsemen are not related to the four horsemen but do also appear in the Book of Revelation. Their horses have the heads of lions spitting smoke, fire and brimstone from their mouths. They also feature tails like serpents. These horsemen will claim the lives of a third of all mankind. This horsemen army is led by four fallen angels.

4. Daniel’s Beasts

Daniel’s vision in the Book of Revelation sees four beasts rise from the sea. One beast is a lion with an eagle’s wings before transforming into a human-like creature having its wings plucked off. The second is a bear-like creature that is told to eat enormous amounts of flesh. The third looks like a leopard with four wings and four heads. The fourth has iron teeth and ten horns used to destroy the Earth.

3. The Dragon

This dragon also comes from Revelations and is described as having seven heads and ten horns. The beast is so huge that its tail is capable of sweeping a third of all the stars out of the sky. Later, this dragon is then described as Satan himself.

2. The Nephilim

Taken from Genesis and described as the offspring of "sons of God" and "daughters of men". Nephilims sound like the offspring of Angels and human women. Some believe that this may also refer to the offspring of Seth and the offspring of Cain. People go so far as to say that The Nephilim are extraterrestrials.

1. Leviathan

The Leviathan is the second monster described in the book of Job and is massive in size. The beast is impervious to human weapons, breathes fire and emits smoke from its nostrils.