First Clip from Superhero Themed JEKYLL & HYDE Miniseries

First Clip from Superhero Themed JEKYLL & HYDE Miniseries

ITV‘s Jekyll & Hyde TV miniseries looks to make Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde into a superhero-themed TV miniseries. The new miniseries will be ten episodes and is developed by Charlie Higson. All of the episodes will have one unified vision as they are all directed by Colin Teague (Being Human, Sinbad). The miniseries will premiere sometime this Fall 2015. Cast in Jekyll & Hyde is Tom Bateman, Oliver Gilbert, Tom Rhys Harries, and Stephanie Hyam. The thought of this does sound a bit weird, but it looks better than okay.

Higson’s Jekyll (Tom Bateman) is a young, sensitive and naive man of intellect and morality, a well meaning if slightly repressed character who slips between his two personas unwillingly. Hyde is a totally different person; a superhero with super powers, great strength, speed and invulnerability. He is confident, risk-taking and lives life on the edge. His self-destructive nature gets him into trouble, and yet he is an incredibly powerful force. He is a man of action who gets things done despite the consequences! Throughout the series we will witness Jekyll wrestling with the dark, brooding personality of Hyde as he struggles to come to terms with his superhero alter ego.


Jekyll & Hyde (2015)

Directed by Colin Teague, Stewart Svaasand, Robert Quinn, Joss Agnew

Official Synopsis: It's 1930s London and Robert Jekyll is a naive, sensitive young man finding his place in the world and moving away from the protection of his loving foster parents. As he begins to feel himself coming under the power of a darkness he cannot control, he realizes that all this time his parents were protecting him from his true self. Jekyll has inherited the curse of his grandfather, and when angered or in danger he undertakes a graphic and twisted transformation to become Hyde, a shadowy, brooding figure of incredible strength and agility; confident and fearless. As he tries to discover his past and search for a cure, Robert Jekyll is drawn deep into Hyde's world of monstrous creatures and freaks of nature.

Cast: Tony Way, Richard E. Grant, Enzo Cilenti, SinĂ©ad Cusack, Angus Wright, Sinéad Cusack, Deborah Rosan, Dee Tails, Ricky Champ, Phil…
Genres: Drama, Action, Fantasy, Adventure