Scream Factory Releases The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Collector's Edition Blu-ray

Scream Factory Releases The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Collectors Edition Blu-ray

Scream Factory is releasing The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, what?! This Blu-ray is a special edition of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987) releasing on December 8, 2015. Bonus features are yet to be revealed, but we will post once details are released. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie is directed by Rod Amateau with Anthony Newley, Mackenzie Astin, and Phil Fondacaro starring.

From Scream Factory:

Your favorite grime bandits come to life with all the farts, snot and vomit you can take in this hilarious film full of gross-out humor. Based on the wildly popular and irreverent trading cards, The Garbage Pail Kids(R) Movie stars Mackenzie Astin (Iron Will, Wyatt Earp) as a perfectly nice teenager who discovers the Kids…to his great disgust!

Our new Collector’s Edition Blu-ray streets Dec 8th. If you pre-order it now directly from us you’ll receive a FREE limited edition 18" x 24" poster of the newly-created key art (which you see here - illustrated by Nathan Thomas Milliner).

The cover is reversible and will sport the original theatrical poster key art. Extras are in progress and all of them will be revealed before Halloween so stay tuned!

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)

Synopsis: Dodger must confront the struggles of life as he is visited by the Garbage Pail Kids and intimidated by some older bullies.
Cast: Debbie Lee Carrington, Phil Fondacaro, Jim Cummings, Bobby Bell, Susan Rossitto, Arturo Gil, Kevin Thompson, John Cade, Dan Zettel, Larry Green, Patty Lloyd, Leo Gordon, Gavin Moloney, Lindy Huddleson, Kristine McKeon, Lynn Cartwright, Debbie Lytton, Chester Grimes, John Herman Shaner, Joan L. Burton, Anthony Newley, Chloe Amateau, Mackenzie Astin, Teri Benaron, Katie Barberi, Nicolas Pernisco, Ron MacLachlan, Ross Sherman, J.P. Amateau, Annie Wood
Directors: Rod Amateau
Genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Musical
Year: 1987
Runtime: 96
Nominations: 4
Writers: Linda Palmer, Rod Amateau, John Pound
Producers: Rod Amateau, Thomas Coleman, Michael Lloyd, Linda Palmer, Michael Rosenblatt, John Strong
Musicians: Michael Lloyd
Editors: Leon Carrere, M. Edward Salier

Source: official Facebook page

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