Batman's Greatest Villains Rap Straight Outta Gotham [Video]

Batmans Greatest Villains Rap Straight Outta Gotham [Video]

Batman fans will love this music video featuring some of Batman greatest villains like Two-Face, The Riddler, The Joker, and Bane. Matthew Schwartz has done a phenomenal job writing, directing, and producing parody rap video Rap Straight Outta Gotham. Before making this music video, Schwartz was fired from Cartoon Network and wanted to do something all his own. Like and share if you think Matthew did an excellent job.

Clean Extended version


Explicit w/ Lyrics version


"When I decided to make ‘Straight Outta Gotham,’ my goals were simple: Establish myself as a writer/director. Cultivate an audience online and gain notice from content producers. MAKE MORE COOL S*** (and hopefully get someone else to pay for it!)," wrote Schwartz.