Top 7 Most Haunted Highways in the US

Top 7 Most Haunted Highways in the US

Everyone has heard urban legends of haunted highways, road, houses and several other places where people have experienced paranormal or supernatural occurrences. It’s almost Halloween, so what is more fun than to read about sinister creepy roads in the United States. Imagine you are going to a haunted house for Halloween with a bunch of friends or family and you accidently took the wrong turn and end up on one of the roads listed below, just, what if? The only way to know if these haunted highways are real is to have some close to you or you if you are daring encounter a supernatural experience on it. Below are my top 7 haunted highways in North America.

1. Archer Avenue

Archer Avenue stretches between Resurrection Cemetery and St. James-Sag Church is most likely the most haunted area in Chicago. Archer Avenue was designated as a part of Illinois Route 171 and previously part of Illinois Route 4 and originally 1924 highway connecting St. Louis and Chicago. Archer Avenue gains its creepiness from trailing through forests, lakes, and several cemeteries. It was said that ghostly monks haunt St. James-Sag and a gray looking baby haunts the Sacred Heart Cemetery. The scariest is Resurrection Mary, who died about 80 years ago on that road hitchhiking down Archer Avenue and a phantom horse riders riding at 95th & Kean.


It was said that Mary went with her boyfriend to the Oh Henry Ballroom and walked out into the cold winter night after having an argument with him. She walked up Archer Avenue and was soon after hit by a vehicle that fled the scene. She died, and her parents dressed her in a beautiful white dancing dress with matching shoes and buried her in Resurrection Cemetery. Resurrection Mary has been seen by numerous men driving northeast between the Willowbrook Ballroom and Resurrection Cemetery along Archer Avenue since the 1930s. The men reported picking up a young blonde female with blue eyes and wearing a white party dress. The young female usually asks to be let out of the vehicle when approaching Resurrection Cemetery. Richard Crowe is a full-time ghost hunter that has collected over three dozen reports of Mary from the 1930s to the present. Many males had reported seeing Mary, dancing with Mary, giving her a ride to only have her disappear out of her seat or disappear into thin air after leaving the vehicle. People reported that Mary has caused many accidents, She appeared in the middle of the street in front vehicles causing the driver to lose control after trying to stop resulting in a fatal accident.

2. Highway 666

Highway 666 (aka Highway 491) is known as one of the most haunted places in the United States. Highway 666 is located in the region known as "Four Corners" that are Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. The entire states are not haunted, only certain locations of each state. There has been an endless number of unexplained phenomenon throughout history that has occurred at certain locations throughout Highway 666. The highway is about two hundred miles and starts in the city of Monticello, Utah and runs through the city of Gallup, New Mexico. You may also enter the highway from the southwestern region of the Colorado State.

The highway contains beautiful/gorgeous sceneries with nicely situated rocks, tall cactus plants, the desert and other breathtaking views. Highway 666 is probably the most famous roads in North America, but many travelers try their best to avoid this haunted road/highway. People believed that anyone who traveled on Highway 666 would be cursed because there was an extremely high number of accidents and fatalities on the road. Many people had referred to the highway as the "Devil’s Highway" when it contained the numbers 666.

The United State renamed the Highway 666 to U.S Route 491 in 2003 because Christians believe that the number 666 is the "Number of the Beast" which is contained in the Bible. The scary part is that after the highway was renamed to U.S Route 491, the number of accidents and fatalities was significantly reduced. Some believe that the number of accidents and deaths reduced because people are no longer scared while driving on the road, and thus they are more focused on the road. Some people also believe that there are fewer accidents because the number 491 does not lure the same evil spirits as the number 666.

Some of the haunting that occurred on Highway 666 are:

  • A black sedan that appears out of nowhere chases individuals driving on Highway 666 and gives them a terrifying sense of fear when the sun sets. The car is now known as Satan’s Sedan because the car only comes out after sunset and headlights appear out of nowhere. The drivers drive as fast as they can until the there vehicle cannot go any fast, but Satan’s Sedan appears to be catching up to them regardless. Some people pullovers to let the chasing car pass them, and that is exactly what the ghostly car does, zooms by them.
  • People also reported time loss and disappearance where individuals who drove on the road will sometimes disappear without a trace. Most Of The times there is no evidence that indicates that the missing individual was ever on the road whereas, in some cases, articles belonging to the individual are found. Some people have disappeared for a few hours or several days and have reappeared to not having any memory of where they were. The people who reappear felt as though they have not been gone for long and has a sense of loss of time. Others said that they took longer on Highway 666 then anticipated and longer than GPS indicated but cannot explain the loss of time.
  • There is one legend of a pale little girl wearing a whitish color gown standing on the side of the road looking sad unnerving expression. Some people saw her in the desert, and some have stopped their vehicle to approach her but as they approach her, she disappears into the thin air. The little girl is not hostile, but there is a great deal of hostile spirits that haunts Highway 666.
  • Some people have encountered complications with their vehicles where their vehicle may overheat, have a flat tire or have an evil spirit in a semi truck driving at them with an extremely high speed. Others have reported being hit by this haunted ghostly semi truck as it purposely aims for their vehicle while others pull over to the curb and let it pass.
  • Many people have reported seeing a pack of vicious dogs that are threatening and are called the "Hounds of Hell" by Highway 666 drivers/passengers. The Hounds of Hell can run as fast as the vehicles at high speed. The dogs are also known as supernatural beasts that are responsible for numerous traffic accidents as they can shred moving vehicles tires with their sharp knife-like teeth.
    Another report that the dangerous dogs also jumps up to the vehicle’s windows and sometimes maul the individuals in the vehicles.


There a few stories about skinwalkers/shapeshifters that can transition into various types of animals. A lot of people believes that skinwalkers/shapeshifter roams Highway 666 and will suddenly appear in front of vehicles driving by causing the vehicle to swerve and possibly encountering a fatal accident.

3. Clinton Road in West Milford, New Jersey

Clinton Road is in Passaic County, NJ and has a sharp road known by some as "dead man’s curve." It begins at Route 23 near Newfoundland and runs for about 10 miles north to Upper Greenwood Lake. Clinton Road is popular for being known for many paranormal occurrences. Some occurrences include sightings of ghosts, witch gatherings, Satanists and the Ku Klux Klan, strange creatures and has rumors of bodies murdered by professional killers being buried in the nearby woods.


Some of the legends and folklore are:

  • Ghost Boy - It is said that a little boy had accidentally fallen while sitting at the edge of a bridge and the other saying is that he had accidently drown while swimming. The little boy died around the area over Clinton Brook (Dead Man’s Curve) near a reservoir. The legend goes, if someone puts a quarter at midnight in the middle of the road where the yellow line is then, the little ghost boy will return it. Others say if you toss a coin into the water than the little boy will toss it back at you. Some people have said that they saw an apparition while others stated that the ghost boy pushes them into the water if he/she tries to save him.
  • Ghost Camaro - Someone saw a girl who died in 1988 after crashing her vehicle. She is seen driving a ghost Camaro, and if you mention it while driving on the same road at night then you will be in for the ride of your life.
  • People have reported seeing two park rangers while camping at night near Terrace Pond, but it was really the ghost of two rangers who died in 1939 on the job.
  • The Druidic temple - Local Druids is believed to have practiced their rituals at a conical stone structure east of Clinton Road and south of the reservoir. Visitors who visit at the wrong time might encounter horrible things. The stone structure is a building is an iron smelter from the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. The structure is fenced by the Newark water department to prevent people from entering which might result in injuries upon themselves.
  • Ghost truck - People have mentioned seeing headlights floating on the road with no vehicle attach to it pick up trucks appearing out of thin air and chase numerous drivers to the end of the road. The ghost lights and truck disappear after chasing their victims to the end of the road. Some have seen monkeys, hybrids of unexplained kinds and bizarre looking creatures at night after the Jungle Habitat closed years ago.
  • Cross Castle - Richard Cross built a castle for his family in 1905 on high land near the reservoir. A fire had destroyed part of the castle, and it fell into ruin in the 20th century. Teenagers and hikers go to this destination to hang out, have parties or camp. Some visitors said that they encounter strange occurrences on that land where people had seizures and has bruises on their skin after the seizure finishes, and other had strange visions. Other bizarre unaccountable things have happened at the castle land.
  • May 1983 - A human body was found in the surrounding woods close to Clinton Road and an autopsy showed that he was murdered, and ice crystals were found in his blood vessels near his heart. His interior organs decayed way slower than his skin because someone froze his body after death.

4. Dead Man’s Curve in Clermont County, Ohio

Dead Man’s Curve had a very sharp turn but not anymore and is located between two highways/freeways and has resulted in many deaths. Dead Man’s Curve is located in Bantam, Clermont County where Route 222 meets Route 125. The road originally was part of the Ohio Turnpike that was built in 1831 and was curved sharply resulting in numerous carriages and horses to fall over the hill causing many people to die. The road was widened and straightened in 1968 to become a four-lane road instead of two lanes. Many people started that the faceless hitchhiker appeared after a vehicle with five teenagers crashed with a Roadrunner driving at 100mph at the intersection on October 19, 1969. Everyone died except for one person and soon after the faceless hitchhiker has been spotted by many people. Some people reported a green Roadrunner chasing them while they are on that road. It is not verified but is said that over 65 accidents have occurred on this road.


Many people mentioned seeing a faceless man hitchhiking along Dead Man’s Curve and apparitions of antique carriages. Some people believe Dead Man’s Curve to be the most haunted place in Ohio. Urban Legend states that faceless hitchhiker haunts the road during the night between 1:20 through 1:40 AM. He sometimes appears in the middle of the road for drivers to hit him or swerve away resulting in an accident. He also hitches rides and chases the vehicles that hit him. Some people report seeing the faceless man on the side of the road, and others reported the faceless man throwing rocks at their vehicle.

5. Haynesville Woods (Route 2A)

Route 2A runs through Haynesville Woods located in Haynesville town in the southern part of Aroostook County in Maine. Route 2A has taken countless lives, has many legends and is known to be the most haunted place in Maine. Former truck driver, now a country songwriter and singer, Dick Curless song, "A Tombstone Every Mile." The song is about Haynesville Woods and how dangerous the roads are during the winter and scary during the rest of the year for other reasons. Some of the legends are: A female is seen having problems walking alongside the road or she either suddenly appears in front of vehicles causing them to either her or suddenly halt. The female asks for help because her and her husband were involved in an accident, and she sometimes disappears if you agree to help her leaving you feeling a deep dark chill. She sometimes enters your vehicle, and the driver tends to feel a cold sensation and chills and vanishes into thin air as you approach Haynesville Woods. The couple is said to be newlywed traveling along the road and where their vehicle hit a pole killing her husband. She made it out to the snow where she eventually died.


The other legend is seeing a little girl that was killed after she was hit by a truck while walking down the road. The little girl is seen walking along the roadside, and if she accepts a ride, she disappears into thin air shortly after. The town’s records indicate two ten-year-old females died in Haynesville on August 22, 1967. People have reported numerous paranormal activities, strange occurrence, apparitions and ghostly sightings.

6. Mona Lisa Drive in New Orleans, Louisiana

There are several legends about Mona and how he died but what people testify to be true is that she haunts young lovers that drive down Mona Lisa Drive. Mona Lisa Drive is located in the southwest corner of City Park near Popp’s Fountain. Couples have heard scratching at their vehicle windows and sometimes hear a female moaning as though she is sad while parked along Mona Lisa Drive. It is said that a wealthy philanthropist in the early 1900s donated a series of statuary and money in exchange for a statue of his deceased daughter Mona in the park. Mona’s memorial statue was eventually destroyed in City Park by teenagers, and a floating white apparition of Mona have been seen by several people.


Mona was in love with a sailor whom she would walk hand-in-hand with through New Orleans City Park. It is said that Mona committed suicide after her father forbids her romance. It is also said that the sailor ended his relationship with Mona, and she was so devastated that she became extremely violent and the sailor killed her to silence her. It is also said that Mona kills a young man that is with his girl on full moon as revenge and throws his body into the lagoon that she was tossed into after being murdered. People have reported seeing figure in white that has a painful/mournful expression while floating up to cars/car window and scratch the window on the passenger side. She would look the people face full of sorrow and disappear into thin air. The haunting happened throughout the year but was seen more during the Spring.

7. Shades of Death Road in Warren County, New Jersey

Shades of Death Road is the most second scariest road in New Jersey, and the road sign actually says "Shades of Death," which gives a creepy vibe. Clinton Road holds the spot for being the number one scariest road in NJ. Shades of Death Road is located in central Warren County, NJ, and consist of two-lanes that run for 7 miles long. Shades of Death runs along Jenny Jump State Forest near I-80 and was said its original name was "The Shades" but was renamed Shades of Death after multiple tragic deaths occurred. Some also say that the road received its name after numerous people died from a malaria outbreak, and the roads name is referring to the many people who died from the plague. The road had got its eerie name before automobiles were used in that area, so it was not because of the huge amount of accidents that occurred when automobile was in use. Shades of Death is said to be extremely foggy at nights with lynchings and bright skies that cannot be explained. It is said that the two branches that are hanging low are the ones used to carry out multiple lynchings. Legend also says that a group of bandits resides in the woods around Shades of Death Road and would murder each other over who gets the female, rob visitors or anyone intruding on their territory. One of the legends states that if you stare at the white light that burns off the road at Lenape Lane, and the light turns red while you are staring at it then you will die. The cabin near Ghost Lake are around the areas of the road, and a lot of supernatural activities have been reported.


There were three brutal murders between 1920 and 1930 along the road. Someone hit a male over the head with a tire jack and stole his gold coins. The second was a female beheading her husband and buried his head on the opposite side of the road that she buried his body. The third was Bill Cummins being shot and then buried in a mud pile by someone.

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