Top 20 Scary Places to Film a Horror Movie

Top 20 Scary Places to Film a Horror Movie

Top 20 scariest places around the world to film a horror movie that might not incur any fatal happenings to the crew members. Below is a list of some of the scariest places to film a horror movie around the world. The list will give you a chance to take a closer look at a few movie locations of some of the scariest horror movies ever made. Would you visit a killing ground that thousands of people were murdered on, and their bones can be seen today when it rains?

1. Hanging Rock, Victoria, Australia

Movie: Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) is based on the Joan Lindsay novel of the same name. The novel/movie is about a group of curious schoolgirls venturing out while on a school trip on Valentine’s Day at an Australian geological formation in the Macedon Ranges. Some of the students disappear without leaving a trace of where they went. The movie is rumored to be based on a true story, but Joan Lindsay always fumbles around the question and eventually does not answer it. Hanging Rock was originally known as Mount Diogenes and has a distinctive geological formation that is 718m above sea level. Hanging Rock was once a volcano and is a mamelon that was created 6.25 million years ago after stiff magma poured from a vent and congealing in place.

2. Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia

Port Arthur was once a penal institution that beat minor criminals (petty thieves, etc.) for the crimes they committed. The minor criminals were held in a prison that was located on the property if they broke the institution rules. The petty thieves were imprisoned in dark cells and was not allowed to speak at all, not even to themselves. A mental institution was eventually built for those who became mentally ill. A memorial is built where Broad Arrow Caf? was once standing for the 35 people who were murdered by a man with a rifle during a tourist attraction, 23 others were wounded. The shooter was 28-year-old Martin Bryant from New Town, Australia. Port Arthur is now a historic landmark that is said to be haunted and is creepy to visit.

3. Brazil’s Ilha de Queimada Grande

Visitors are not allowed to visit Ilha de Queimada Grande according to the Brazilian law because the island houses over 4,000 venomous and endangered snakes. Scientists are allowed to visit the island to conduct their studies. The scientists discovered that the Golden Lancehead Vipers has a venom that is beneficial to heart disease although the snake is very lethal to humans. The venom will melt your skin around the bite if bitten and kills about 7% of people who has been bitten. The island is said to be one of the deadly wonders of Mother Nature

4. Amargosa Opera House and Hotel, California

Director and writer David Lynch featured Amargosa Opera House and Hotel as the Lost Highway Hotel in Lost Highway (1997). The hotel is in Death Valley and is said to be haunted with the strange vibe it gives from seeing the murals, paintings and how empty/deserted the hotel is. I viewed the pictures of the hotel, and it gives a creepy feeling and make you feel as though something will go wrong, a fear of dread.

5. Alcatraz, San Francisco, California, USA

Alcatraz is in the middle of the freezing ocean with shark infested water and was a maximum security prison from 1934 to 1963. A military prison was also located there from the mid-19th century to 1933. The Nixon Administration was forcibly trying to remove American Indian representatives who resided for over a year and a half in 1971 on the land because they wanted the land back.

6. Choueung Ek, Cambodia

The Cambodian ‘Killing Fields’ is a tourist attraction today where cattle graze and bones can be sticking up from the ground when it rains. The killing field is where several thousands of Cambodians tortured or killed in the 1970s. They died brutally where they were either stabbed or beaten to death because bullets were not cheap and could not be wasted on individuals who can be beaten/stabbed to death. Are you brave enough to see if the land is haunted? I thought this site was a remarkable site with a brutal story for a movie to be filmed at.

7. Yankee Pedlar Inn, Connecticut

Director Ti West decided to film The Innkeepers (2011) after he experienced strange supernatural occurrences while staying at the Yankee Pedlar Inn while he was shooting his horror film The House of the Devil (2009). The strange activities inspired him to make The Innkeepers that he filmed at the Pedlar. Ti West said, "Weirder stuff would happen back at the hotel than on the set… I don’t believe in ghosts, but the TV would go off and on, the phone would ring, and there was no one on the other end, I had really vivid dreams. It’s just a weird vibe in this kooky old place."

8. Dendera, Egypt’s Temple of Hathor

Dendera Temple covers about 430,000 square feet and is dedicated to Hathor, who is the goddess of dance, healing, and music. The temple is spooky as can be, where it, the underground crypts has pillars adorned with Hathor head on the top of them. One room contains an astrological calendar where rituals were held to honor Osiris, who is the god of the underworld. The temple is believed to be used as a healing ground.

9. Ethiopia’s Erta Ale Volcano

Visitors are daring, and some get close enough to the edge of the active shield volcano to try to see the boiling lava 65 feet below and the explosions. There is no bus or cars to take visitors to the volcano. Visitors have to cross the desert, so it is recommended to do so at night when the desert is cool. Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front kidnaped four people and murdered five people in 2012 and later released two of the people they kidnaped. Imagine a TV series titled, Are you Brave Enough To… and people have to make their way to the volcano and who reaches first will receive a hefty prize.

10. Berlin, Germany Beelitz Military Hospital

Ghost hunters visit this location quite frequently since the owners went broke and closed the hospital in 2001. It was originally a sanitarium that was built for the rich, but it later used during World War I as a military hospital. Hitler was a patient at the hospital after the Battle of Somme. The hospital consists of 60 buildings that once had patients from all walks of life including serial killer Wolfgang Schmidt, and war criminal Honecker, who escaped after being treated for liver cancer.

11. Bikaner, India Karni Mata Temple

The Karni Mata Temple is gorgeously adorned with gold, silver, and marble, but there are about 20,000 rats that scamper about and is being fed by humans. The rats are believed to be reincarnated souls who followed the rat goddess, Karni Mata. The temple’s caretakers feed the rats on a regular basis because that is their belief/custom. The rats ultimately suffer from many different ailments, including diabetes because the humans feed the rats rich food, and the rats are crammed together. Many visitors/tourist feed the rats and pray/hope that the rat/rats will run over their foot/feet and give them good luck.

12. The Gulliver’s Travels Theme Park, Japan

The park opened in 1997, sometime after the novel came out. The park has a gigantic statue of Gulliver tied to the ground and became close to being the second most famous suicide spot in the world. The park is located near the Aum Shinrikyo site, where lethal gas was released into the subway and killed 12 people. The park was not popular for many reasons and eventually closed it doors.

13. Danvers State Hospital, Massachusetts

Director Brad Anderson filmed his horror film Session 9 (2001) at the Danvers State Hospital, which is an abandoned mental asylum in Massachusetts. The asylum is said to be haunted by the victims that endure torturous treatments and also is haunted by former residents. Several underground tunnels connect the buildings that look like a castle. Five men were hired to clean the buildings, and they slowly lose their minds as they clean. Brad Anderson commented about the location stating: "We found all sorts of creepy medical instruments and a straitjacket and stuff. We also got a sense of the asylum’s history. Even if you’re a very skeptical person about the supernatural, that place is so emotionally heavy. Hundreds of thousands of people were wrongfully committed and lived out their lives locked in these tiny little rooms that they call ‘seclusions. It’s tragic." The creepy part is that people almost never know the history about where they live as Danvers State Hospital is now an apartment community.

14. St. Louis Cemetery NO. 1, New Orleans

St. Louis Cemetery has a history, and it is one with a creepy history. The cemetery is known for several of movie scenes and for being the resting place for several famous people including Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau. The cemetery opened in 1789 after a fire in 1788; it replaced the city’s older St. Peter Cemetery. The cemetery is closed to the public because of numerous vandalism but people with family buried there may obtain a permit to visit. Tour groups have to pay a fee every year to take their tour groups through the cemetery that is said to be haunted.

15. The Dakota, New York City

Director Roman Polanski‘s film Rosemary’s Baby (1968) at this upper scale/posh Upper West Side apartment building. Former Beatle John Lennon was later assassinated/shot at that scene/building. The building looms over Central Park West and is said to have its share of paranormal activity.

16. Roosevelt Island, N.Y.

The Smallpox Hospital known as Renwick Ruin was one of the several scary hospitals located on the island around the turn of the century. Director Walter Salles’ film Dark Water (2005) on the island but is said not to take full advantage of its creepy locations. Screenwriter Rafael Yglesias said: "When I was thinking of shooting a movie in the rain in New York, when you drive along the FDR Drive, and you look at Roosevelt Island in the rain, which I guess you can probably do today, it looks a little bit ghostly."

17. Monroeville, Mall, Pennsylvania.

George A. Romero‘s film the sequel to Night of the Living Dead (1968), Dawn of the Dead (1978) in the mall and it was captured to be extremely creepy in the film. The movie revolves around a zombie apocalypse where four survivors takes refuge in the mall. The mall is now a destination for horror lovers to visit because it had the occasional zombie crawl.

18. Nazca, Peru’s Chauchilla Cemetery

Chauchilla Cemetery is infested with skulls and bones that were left by grave robbers and were located in the Peruvian desert. It was once a Peruvian burial site from 200 to 900 A.D. There are twelve open graves where mummified remains have been set in a sitting position with their arms folded around their knees. The mummified remains are being kept well because of the dry climate.

19. Bagdad, Cemetery, Leander, Texas

Horror fans love this famous creepy/scary cemetery because it is in the opening scenes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). Some have reported hearing weird singing and voices on recording they have from the site while others experience strange happenings.

20. Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

Steven Spielberg filmed some parts of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) at Devil’s Tower National Monument. Devil’s Tower National Monument is a religious place for Native Americans and Lakota’s to go to and worship. There are many legends that surround the Devils Tower, and all involves giant bears chasing kids to with killing them or eat them, and some kids are safe while others were not so lucky.