The Walking Dead Did Not Just Kill Major Character SPOILER!?

The Walking Dead Did Not Just Kill Major Character SPOILER!?

If you binge watch AMC’s The Walking Dead or just did not see the last episode, this article contains a major spoiler. We waited some time to post this article so that we allowed most of you time to catch up. The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 - “Thank You” killed a major character… or did they? Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) met his ultimate death by getting eaten alive by walkers (zombies)... or did he? So, did Glenn just die? Is Robert Kirkman sitting back laughing right now? Read as we share some theories that might say otherwise.

1. Glenn (Steven Yeun) Never Appeared on The Talking Dead


Usually when a major character dies, they appear on The Talking Dead TV Show but Steven Yeun was not present on The Walking Dead after talk show with Chris Hardwick. There must be a major reason for this.

2. Glenn Was on The Bottom

The Walking Dead Glenn under zombies

Glenn was under Nicolas when they fell off and remained that way throughout the entire scene. Glenn knows how to buy time for the next move. The camera angles are tricky, and the imagination wants to tell us more happened.

3. No Guts, No Proof

The Walking Dead Season 6 Glenn Death

We do not actually see Glenn’s insides getting ripped into, and he never gags any blood on screen. I remember seeing the intestines bouncing near his face, but I never saw any actual blood from Glenn, did you?

4. Glenn is a Survivor

Fake Glenn Death Scene

Glenn is so close to the dumpster that he should be able to wiggle underneath. Tiny and fast as Glenn is, he could do it.

5. Robert Kirkman Loves Suspense

Robert Kirkman zombies

Robert Kirkman loves to twist things around, and I can imagine him enjoying this moment with that sick and twisted smile on his face.

Do you think it was Glenn’s time to Die? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supporting theories: MTV and HorrorSociety

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