Karl Hirsch's Scary Clown Short Film [Video]

Karl Hirschs Scary Clown Short Film [Video]

Karl Hirsch released a short film about a scary clown. The film was shot on a $100,000 budget and originally filmed way back in 2005. The film gives time for build up and suspense with a total duration of around 20 minutes. There are several clowns in this short, so we hope you have a good scare. Michael McColl stars and co-wrote the short, with co-stars Gwyn Fawcett, Johnny Ray Meeks, and Bob Clendenin.

Synopsis: Ken’s daily routine, which includes a few cocktails each night, has left him marginally bored and lifeless. One night, when his regular liquor store is closed, he visits Circus Liquor. That is when strange things begin to happen.