THE RING's Sadako vs. THE GRUDGE's Kayako - Sadako vs. Kayako [Video]

THE RINGs Sadako vs. THE GRUDGEs Kayako - Sadako vs. Kayako [Video]

Ringu aka The Ring and Ju-On aka The Grudge are some of the best recent Japanese horror movies, and it is awesome that Sadako vs. Kayako has just been announced. The film is already in production with Koji Shiraishi directing and Mizuki Yamamoto. Even more amazing is the quick turn around with the film set to release in movie theaters in June 2016. This movie initially started off as an April Fools prank with producers noticing how interested fans were; they decided to make it a real thing. The Sadako vs. Kayako teaser trailer is available below. Rings (2016) releases in movie theaters this upcoming April 1, 2016.



Source: Variety, ScreenCrush, Bloody-Disgusting