5 Terrifying Creatures That Attack While You're Sleeping

5 Terrifying Creatures That Attack While Youre Sleeping

The scariest time to terrify a person is at night and in the middle of your sleep. These sleep demons or sleep creatures haunt you at night and are some of the nastiest evil entities that can get you. There are many more, but these few made our top list in no particular order; Shadow People, Raven Mocker, Mare, Machine Elves, and Aliens. Read below for full details on each.

Shadow People

We already covered Shadow People extensively in this article, but briefly, Shadow People haunt victims with most occurrences happening in a sleep paralysis state. Some reports claim Shadow People are malevolent entities choking their victims while whispering horrible things while other victims claim they only stalk from the shadows, all reports often claim them taking a humanoid figure or shape.

Raven Mocker

Coming from the Native American Cherokee tribe, The Raven Mocker (ka’lanu ahkyeli’ski) are the most feared of all wizards and witches because the rob the life of the sick or dying. The Raven Mocker is said to fly through the air with a fiery shape. As they near the victim’s house, they descend making a raven-like cry. Here they will find others of its kind waiting while invisible, to torment the victims until he dies. Here the horror begins, when they do enter the home they begin to torment the victim lifting them and throwing them on the floor while witnesses only see a dying victim struggling for breath. When the victim finally perishes, their heart is consumed, and the remaining life is added to the Raven Mocker’s lifespan.


Once thought to be demons, and deriving their name from the Old English word meaning evil spirits. A Mare is a female goblin was believed to sit on the victim’s chest to strangle them. Mares enter the home through the key holes intending to kill their victims. Now, most this horrific event is explained by science as sleep paralysis mixed with strong hallucinations.

Machine Elves

Machine Elves are described as faceless multi-dimensional beings that appear to move in a machine-like manner. They were first popularized by Psychonaut Terence McKenna through psychedelic drugs, especially DMT. They are described as walking in a psychedelic world of fractal shapes. There are eager to meet their victims talking incessantly and excitedly. Machine Elves can sing objects into existence and are infamous for jumping in and out of human bodies leaving the victim in a state of confusion, exhaustion, and trauma. 


A Roper Poll published in 1992 suggests that nearly four million Americans reported experiences falling into the category of alien abduction. Another instance where sleep paralysis has been thought to be the underlying cause but not proven to be the absolute reason.