First Sales Artwork for JEEPERS CREEPERS 3

First Sales Artwork for JEEPERS CREEPERS 3

Victor Salva‘s Jeepers Creepers 3, aka Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral finally has some sales artwork attached to the film. The artwork is for the European Film Market in Berlin. Francis Ford Coppola‘s American Zoetrope is producing Jeepers Creepers 3 while Myriad Pictures is financing the film. The film is scheduled to go into production in Vancouver. Jonathan Breck will return as The Creeper, and Brandon Smith will also return as Sergeant Davis Tubbs.

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As per Bloody-Disgusting;

Jeepers Creepers 3 will show events on the last day of the Creeper’s twenty-three day feeding frenzy, as the skeptical Sergent Tubbs teams up with a task force hellbent on destroying the Creeper for good. The Creeper fights back in gory glory as its enemies grow closer than ever before to learning the secret of its dark origins.

Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017)

Directed by Victor Salva

Movie Overview | Trailer

Official Synopsis: Set between the first and second film, Sgt Davis Tubbs assembles a task force to destroy the Creeper once and for all while growing closer than ever before to learning the secrets of its dark origins, as the monster terrorizes a local farming community.

Cast: Diezel Ramos, Michael Papajohn, Jon Arthur, Thomas Francis Murphy, Meg Foster, William Schaff, Dave Davis, Jonathan Breck, Ron M Patterson,…
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Action, Mystery