Square Enix Samurai Batman Action Figure

Square Enix Samurai Batman Action Figure

Square Enix released this awesome Samurai Batman action figure also dubbed the Bushido Batman, which is part of their “Timeless” Play Arts Kai collection. This Batman figure is scheduled to release in June 2016 and will cost 19,800 Yen, $175 USD. Tell us what you think of these photos in the comments below.

The figure features a massive armor set, a solid red cape and slight battle damaged sculpting throughout. Bushido Batman stand nearly 11? tall and include two swords, sheaths, interchangeable hands, a grappling claw and a figure stand.

PAK Bushido Batman 002PAK Bushido Batman 003Square Enix Released Their Badass Samurai Batman Action FigurePAK Bushido Batman 008PAK Bushido Batman 007PAK Bushido Batman 005PAK Bushido Batman 004PAK Bushido Batman 006

Source: news.toyark.com

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