New EATER OF THE DEAD: CLEOPSIS Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles has revealed their Eater of the Dead: Cleopsis Premium Format Figure and it is fully detailed. This figure adds to the Sideshow Collectibles Court of the Dead Premium Format Figure lineup. This figure releases April 2017 at $449.99.

Press Release: Sideshow is bringing the Eater of the Dead: Cleopsis into the world of Court of the Dead as a Premium Format(TM) figure. This ambitious daughter of Death was once sent to live in the Mortal Realm before falling from grace and being stripped of her power.

Standing at just over two feet tall, this impressive creation features custom printed fabric elements, a removable mask that reflects Cleopsis’ alluring mortal face, and unique costume layering that evokes the forgotten glory of her once impressive empire.

Sideshow’s Court of the Dead tells the story of the factions of the Underworld and their key players in the war that is brewing. Cleopsis joins an already impressive line up of beings that are currently locked in a struggle that will affect us all. To learn more about the Court of the Dead, please visit

Release date: April 2017

Price: $449.99


Cleopsis Sideshow 03Cleopsis Sideshow 04CleopsisCleopsis Sideshow 09Cleopsis Sideshow 01Cleopsis Sideshow 02Cleopsis Sideshow 05Cleopsis Sideshow 08Cleopsis Sideshow 07Cleopsis Sideshow 06


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