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Rand Vossler’s Haunting at Foster Cabin (2014), aka Demon Legacy (2014), releases on VOD this April 1, 2016, via Vision Films, in association with MTI Home Video. This film marks the directorial debut of Vossler. This film is about five sorority sisters who venture to a cabin in the woods as a weekend getaway, horrors ensue. Matthew Currie Holmes, AnnaMaria Demara, and Eileen Dietz star in Haunting at Foster Cabin.

Press Release: March 30th, 2016, Los Angeles, CA - Vision Films, in association with MTI Home Video, is set to release the chilling horror film "Haunting at Foster Cabin" on VOD platforms on April 1st, 2016!

The feature-length directorial debut of Rand Vossler (Star Rangers) and Bob Gill, based on an original screenplay by Tracy Morse (Chasing Jason, Creature), "Haunting at Foster Cabin" is a supernatural thriller starring AnnaMaria Demara (Monumental, Check, Please!), Kati Sharp (Allison, Idiocracy), Michelle Nunes (Uneasy Lies the Mind, Cubed), Kate Siegel (Oculus, The Curse of the Back Dahlia), Jamie Strange (Freakin’ Zombies Man, Mercy), Grant Alan (H.O.G.‘S Tooth, Tyler’s Ride), Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist, Exorcism) and John Savage (The Deer Hunter, The Godfather: Part III).

"Haunting at Foster Cabin", tells the story of five sorority sisters who come together for a weekend getaway at the secluded family cabin of one of the friends, Michelle (Demara), who has recently gone through a difficult break-up. What starts as fun girls’ retreat quickly turns into a horrific nightmare as secrets are revealed and dark forces are released.

Michelle shares the location’s haunting history: a previous cabin on the same land burned down years ago, killing her grandmother, a clairvoyant. She also reveals she herself has had visions in the past. When one of the girls discovers a Ouija Board on the property, an innocent game to contact Michelle’s deceased grandmother unleashes something sinister.

The girls must fight dark forces-and each other-to survive and stop the evil entity they have released from devouring mankind before it’s too late.

Managing Director/ CEO of Vision Films, Lise Romanoff says "Horror continues to be a hot genre with audiences and this film definitely delivers on thrills and chills. Who can resist a heart-pounding, fear-inducing story of a Ouija Board and a girls’ weekend-gone-wrong?".

Supernatural horror fans will love the classic heart-pounding thrills as well as the themes of mystery, demons and witchcraft. With a spectacular, primarily female cast that sets it apart, this is the horror film for anyone looking for a compelling story and many spooks!

Vision Films’ 2016 slate includes the epic period drama film "Hedda Gabler"," an animated family film based on the award-winning children’s book by Tove Jansson "Moomins and the Comet Chase", a directorial debut from Nicholas Brooks (Mel Brooks’ son) the genre-bending movie "Sam", the charming cross-cultural romance "A Date with Miss Fortune", a David Hasselhoff musical "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" and a political drama penned by a renowned former United States congressman "The Congressman".


Demon Legacy (2014)

Directed by Rand Vossler

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Official Synopsis: In a remote mountain lodge, five sorority sisters accidentally unleash an unholy entity, and must battle evil and each other to stop it from devouring mankind.

Cast: Eileen Dietz, Cortney Palm, Kate Siegel, Matthew Currie Holmes, Angelina Lyubomirova, John Savage, Grant Alan Ouzts, AnnaMaria Demara, Nancy McCrumb,…
Genres: Horror