PENNY DREADFUL - Episode 3.02 - Predators Far and Near - Sneak Peeks / Photos

PENNY DREADFUL - Episode 3.02 - Predators Far and Near - Sneak Peeks / Photos

Here is a slew of promo material for Showtime’s Penny Dreadful Season 3 Episode 2 titled “Predators Far and Near.” This new episode will air on May 8, 2016. Promo material listed below include 18 photos and three videos. In case you missed the first episode premiere on YouTube, HERE is the link.

Episode 302: "Predators Far and Near" - Director: Damon Thomas

Writer: John Logan

Guest Stars: Christian Camargo, Sarah Greene, Shazad Latif

Lily (Billie Piper) and Dorian (Reeve Carney), rescue a young woman. Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton) continues on his journey with the enigmatic Kaetenay (Wes Studi). Meanwhile, Ethan gets some unexpected help from Hecate (Sarah Greene). Dr. Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) and Dr. Jekyll (Shazad Latif) hatch a plan. Vanessa’s relationship with Dr. Sweet (Christian Camargo) grows but, unbeknownst to her, evil forces are tracking her every move.




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Penny Dreadful (2014)

Directed by J.A. Bayona, James Hawes, Coky Giedroyc, Brian Kirk, Dearbhla Walsh, Damon Thomas, Paco Cabezas


Official Synopsis: Explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American gunslinger Ethan Chandler, scientist Victor Frankenstein, and medium Vanessa Ives unite to combat supernatural threats in Victorian London.

Cast: David Warner, Josh Hartnett, Alun Armstrong, Ronan Vibert, Helen McCrory, Eva Green, Robert Nairne, Perdita Weeks, Denis Conway, Olivia Llewellyn,…
Genres: Horror, Drama, Fantasy