Jared Leto Cast as The Vampire Lestat?

Josh Boone, director of The Vampire Chronicles Reboot based on Anne Rice‘s novels, has added Jared Leto to the cast as The Vampire Lestat. Josh Boone posted on his Twitter an image of Jared Leto with the caption “Lestat - there can be only one. #JaredLeto.” Still not sure if this is confirmed yet but so far it seems like Boone would like to get Leto on board with the help of fans. We also have a Twitter post from Anne Rice’s son Christopher Rice preparing fans for more announcements in the upcoming future. I think that Jared Leto as Lestat is a major win and cannot wait for confirmation.

The Vampire Chronicles

Synopsis: TV series based on the novels by Anne Rice.
Directors: Josh Boone
Genres: Horror, Drama
Writers: Anne Rice, Christopher Rice
Producers: Anne Rice, Christopher Rice

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