CLIVE BARKER Talks Violence in HELLRAISER Interview [Video]

CLIVE BARKER Talks Violence in HELLRAISER Interview [Video]

Horror fans will love this vintage interview featuring Clive Barker discussing his Hellraiser (1987) film and the violence that the movie portrays. Barker is one of the first to deliver rated R films with a new and unprecedented form of gore which he somewhat labels “Hardcore Horror.” This Clive Barker interview is an amazing piece from an earlier era it seems that has become almost commonplace in hardcore horror films today. Clive Barker answers every one of the questions awesomely, and there is logic to it. This is a tough crowd and a little biased, but never got under Barker’s skin in the least.



Hellraiser (1987)

Directed by Clive Barker

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Official Synopsis: Clive Barker's feature directing debut graphically depicts the tale of a man and wife who move into an old house and discover a hideous creature - the man's half-brother, who is also the woman's former lover - hiding upstairs. Having lost his earthly body to a trio of S&M demons, the Cenobites, he is brought back into existence by a drop of blood on the floor. He soon forces his former mistress to bring him his necessary human sacrifices to complete his body... but the Cenobites won't be happy about this.

Cast: Doug Bradley, Ashley Laurence, Michael Cassidy, Nicholas Vince, Simon Bamford, Clare Higgins, Oliver Smith, Robert Hines, Andrew Robinson, Oliver Parker,…
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Fantasy