BLADE Inspired Epic Cyberpunk Music Video [Video]

BLADE Inspired Epic Cyberpunk Music Video [Video]

Check out this cyberpunk music video from Nguyen-Anh Nguyen (Temple (2015), The Akira Project (2014)) that pays tribute to the epic opening scene from Blade (1998). Vampires are having fun playing with their human food while in a club setting when the party is crashed by vampire hunters. You really have to see the ending scene.


Blade (1998)

Directed by Stephen Norrington

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Official Synopsis: In a world where vampires walk the earth, Blade has a goal. His goal is to rid the world of all vampire evil. When Blade witnesses a vampire bite Dr. Karen Jenson, he fights away the beast and takes Jenson back to his hideout. Here, alongside Abraham Whistler, Blade attempts to help heal Jenson. The vampire Quinn who was attacked by Blade, reports back to his master Deacon Frost, who is planning a huge surprise for the human population.

Cast: Udo Kier, Henry Kingi, Kris Kristofferson, Traci Lords, Gerald Okamura, Donal Logue, Jeff Imada, Tim Guinee, Wesley Snipes, Levan Uchaneyshvili,…
Genres: Horror, Action