YOU ONLY DIE ONCE Vampire Horror Comedy Short Film [Video]

Amanda B. Goodman‘s vampire horror comedy short film You Only Die Once is a fleshed out 30-minute short film. Watch as three childhood friends and vampire hunters do what they do best, hunt vampires. This video plays like a mix of Buffy meets Hammer Horror Films. Check it out for yourself below.

You Only Die Once tells the tale of 3 childhood best friends and vampire hunters whose friendship is called into question when one of their boyfriends becomes a vamp-bride craving, Count Dracula voice mimicking, messy blood-sucker! It’s Buffy meets Hammer Horror and more in this Amanda B. Goodman horror/comedy short!

Starring: Phil Casale, Teegan Curitz, John DeSilvestri, Amanda B. Goodman, Jen Keefe, Janet S. Kim, Lyssa Mandel, and Lianna Nielsen.


Source: official Facebook page

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