Raven Banner Scores Worldwide Rights to Finland's Dark Superhero Movie RENDEL

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Raven Banner Scores Worldwide Rights to Finlands Dark Superhero Movie RENDEL

Raven Banner now has the worldwide rights for Jesse Haaja‘s Rendel (2016) dark superhero film that is similar in comparison to the anti-hero Spawn and The Punisher. This movie is Finland’s first superhero movie, and it looks dark and gritty as hell. No details yet on the US release date, but I cannot wait to see this film. We also included the Rendel teaser trailer below.

From the Press Release:

Raven Banner, the genre specialist has landed worldwide sales rights (excluding Scandinavia) to Finland’s first superhero movie, RENDEL, directed by newcomer, Jesse Haaja.

In the vein of ‘The Punisher’ and ‘Spawn’ RENDEL is a stylized gritty antihero story about a vigilante seeking revenge against the criminal organization known as VALA.

Co-Managing Partners Michael Paszt and James Fler stated that RENDEL is a one of a kind super hero film made for fans by fans.

Producer, Miika J. Norvanto added, "We’re thrilled to be continuing our relationship with Raven Banner. Their marketing strategy on our previous film, Bunny The Killer Thing was spot-on and we knew they’d be a perfect fit for Rendel".

RENDEL is based on Haaja’s own creation; a comic character who has already gained tens of thousands of followers and enthusiasts from all around the world. The film’s first teaser has also racked up over three million views in its initial launch this spring.

The deal was negotiated between Paszt and Fler for Raven Banner with producers, Norvanto of Black Lion Pictures, Timo Puustinen and Trevor Morgan Doyle of Frozen Flame Pictures and Rendel creator/director, Haaja.

YouTube Video:


Rendel (2017)

Synopsis: A Finnish superhero, a masked vigilante Rendel seeks for revenge and fights against VALA, the huge criminal organization.
Cast: Michael Hall, Bianca Bradey, Enni Ojutkangas, Juha-Matti Halonen, Ari Karhunen, Marko Tolonen, Jenny Mäki-Jaakkola, Hannele Taurovaara, Zaani, Mikko Härkönen, Anu Palevaara, Toni Tesarczyk, Teemu Karvonen, Michael Majalahti, Jaana Komulainen-Lepistö, Marko Karvonen, Renne Korppila, Joni Pekkala, Olli Heikkinen, Sheila Shah, Rami Rusinen, Toivo Rolser, Jussi Hopiavuori, Minttu Tamski, Nina Suokko, Esa Haverinen, Minna Nevanoja, Jonna Keränen, Hannu Korhonen, Mari Kaaresvirta
Directors: Jesse Haaja
Genres: Action, Fantasy
Year: 2017
Writers: Jesse Haaja, Pekka Lehtosaari, Miika J. Norvanto, Timo Puustinen
Producers: Michael Artiles, Alan Björk, Kainuu Vocational College, Trevor Doyle, Jesse Haaja, Jukka Haaja, Michael Hall, Jan Hietanen, Jarkko Kauhanen, Mikkelin Kaupunki, Varkauden Kaupunki, Aki Keinänen, Pekka Lehtosaari, Miika J. Norvanto, Timo Puustinen, Jere Räisänen, Matti Schindehütte, Henrik Schönberg, Frederick George Stuhrberg, Topi Talvitie, Oskari Tuhkanen, Heikki Viitikko
Musicians: Tiko Lasola
Editors: Pekka Lehtosaari, Mikko Löppönen, Miika J. Norvanto

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