A&E Cancels DAMIEN After Season One!?

A&E Cancels DAMIEN After Season One!?

A&E’s Damien Season 2 will never happen, and hopefully, you did not get too into the story. A&E decided to pull the plug after just one season of the Damien TV series. Showrunner Glenn Mazzara broke the news on his Twitter account, tweet below, due mostly to low ratings and the shows struggling to find its audience in the start. The pilot was good, and the episodes that followed did not move fast enough it seemed to me, but I was still game to sneak in a Damien episode whenever I had time. The show starred Bradley James as Damien, The Anti-Christ, all grown up from The Omen (1976) film. Shame that the show got cancelled and the major bummer to the real-life aspect of this news, the cancelled jobs. Did you watch Damien and keep up, and did you see the end was near or were you excited for the second season of Damien?

Damien (2016)

Directed by Ernest R. Dickerson, Mikael Salomon, Tim Andrew, T.J. Scott, Guillermo Navarro, Nick Copus, Bronwen Hughes, Shekhar Kapur

Official Synopsis: To bring the end to all God's creation Satan's own Son must rule over all nations as prophesied before.Damien Thorn has to accept his destiny as a latter-day Antichrist.Despite his human nature and emotions, his diabolic origin would eventually prevail.

Cast: Daniel Kash, Barbara Hershey, Sandrine Holt, Fulvio Cecere, Sam Anderson, Melanie Scrofano, Frank Renzulli, Juan Carlos Velis, Michael Therriault, Michelle…
Genres: Horror, Drama

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