THE BURBS Blu-ray Now at Best Buy / Major Release in August 2016

THE BURBS Blu-ray Now at Best Buy / Major Release in August 2016

Joe Dante‘s The Burbs (1989) is a favorite of mine that I rewatch every year or so. The official The Burbs Blu-ray is currently available at Best Buy stores right now for purchase with the wider release coming on Tuesday, August 16, 2016, via Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. A little unnerving is the fact that the bonus features will include the same special features as the 1999 DVD release. Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern, and Carrie Fisher star in The Burbs.

Bonus Features include:

  • "Alternate Ending
  • Production Notes
  • Cast and Filmmakers
  • Theatrical Trailer"

The 'Burbs (1989)

Directed by Joe Dante

Movie Overview | Review | Trailer

Official Synopsis: This story takes place in a typical American neighborhood, when some new neighbors come to live in the house next to Ray Peterson. These new people are really strange; nobody has ever seen them, their house is a real mess, and during the night you can hear weird noises from their basement. The only thing they know is their name: Klopeks. One day Walter (an old man of the neighborhood) suddenly disappears and everyone starts to suspect the Klopeks...

Cast: Dick Miller, Corey Feldman, Rance Howard, Robert Picardo, Nicky Katt, Archie Hahn, Bruce Dern, Jeffrey Kramer, Rick Ducommun, Darla, Kevin…
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Comedy