Entire ALIEN Franchise in Under 3 Minutes [Video]

Entire ALIEN Franchise in Under 3 Minutes [Video]

Watch this video that quickly runs through the entire Alien franchise in under 3 minutes. For those of you looking to reminisce or those of you who are curious, this video from Mashable does a terrific job laying out the necessary pieces. Tell us what you think, did this video miss anything it should have included?

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Alien (1979)

Synopsis: After a space merchant vessel perceives an unknown transmission as a distress call, its landing on the source moon finds one of the crew attacked by a mysterious life-form, and they soon realize that its life cycle has merely begun.
Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Ian Holm, John Hurt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, Tom Skerritt, Yaphet Kotto, Eddie Powell, Bolaji Badejo, Helen Horton
Directors: Ridley Scott
Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi
AKA(s): Alien: The Director's Cut, Star Beast
Year: 1979
Runtime: 117
MPAA Rating: R
Oscars: 1
Awards: 16
Nominations: 19
Writers: Dan O'Bannon, Ronald Shusett
Producers: Gordon Carroll, David Giler, Walter Hill, Ivor Powell, Ronald Shusett
Musicians: Jerry Goldsmith
Editors: David Crowther, Terry Rawlings, Peter Weatherley

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