THE DEAD ROOM Blu-ray / DVD Release Date Details

THE DEAD ROOM Blu-ray / DVD Release Date Details

Jason Stutter‘s The Dead Room (2015) Blu-ray/DVD will be released on September 6, 2016. Scream Factory will release this IFC Midnight film. I love the Blu-ray cover art even though it does not seem like it is from any scene in the movie to me. There is no mention of the bonus features, so I believe, as of now, there will be none. Jed Brophy, Jeffrey Thomas, and Laura Petersen stars in The Dead Room.


From Scream Factory: We are proud to announce that we have two new IFC Midnight films planned for release on Blu-ray and DVD this September!

THE DEAD ROOM - Inspired by a 1970’s urban legend, this atmospheric nerve-shredder follows two scientists (Jed Brophy and Jeffrey Thomas) and a young psychic (Laura Petersen) as they travel to the countryside to investigate mysterious occurrences at a remote farmhouse. Skepticism quickly turns to terror as the researchers’ presence unsettles a seriously angry demonic presence possessing the home. Upping the white-knuckle suspense with visceral camerawork and unsettling sound design, The Dead Room creates a sense of palpable danger lurking in every corner and hallway.

Pre-order now. This film will be released on 9/6.

The Dead Room (2015)

Synopsis: When a terrified family flees a desolate southern New Zealand farmhouse, two cynical scientists and...
Cast: Jed Brophy, Jeffrey Thomas, Cohen Holloway, Jamie W.R. Smith, Laura Petersen, Sophie Hambleton, Acushla-Tara Kupe, Justin B. Carter, Carolyn McLaughlin, Elliot Conlon, Eleanor Conlon
Directors: Jason Stutter
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Year: 2015
Runtime: 80
Writers: Kevin Stevens, Jason Stutter
Producers: Kevin Stevens
Musicians: David Donaldson, Steve Roche, Janet Roddick
Editors: Jason Stutter

Source: official Facebook page

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