AMERICAN EXORCISM Photos / Stills Revealed

AMERICAN EXORCISM Photos / Stills Revealed

Director Tripp WeathersAmerican Exorcist (2016) is his latest film dealing with the former victim of a demonic possession who was left with powerful abilities. Check out the new photos below courtesy of Thriller Films. Michael Filipowich (Longmire), William McKinney (Blue Like Jazz), Kate Tumanova (Ribbons), Braxton Davis (Samurai Cop 2), Jessica Morris (Sorority Slaughterhouse), and Jennifer Lee Wiggins (I Am Omega) star in American Exorcist. American Exorcist is produced by Justin Jones, Scott Carlson, Braxton Davis, Rhett Giles, and Zeus Zamani.

Synopsis: Damon (Michael Filipowich, Longmire) was once possessed by a vicious demonic entity leaving him physically and emotionally damaged but giving him certain powerful abilities. Unfortunately for Damon exorcised demons don’t truly die and they certainly don’t forget.

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American Exorcist

Synopsis: A paranormal investigator, trapped in a haunted skyscraper on Christmas Eve. The skeptical young woman...
Cast: Bill Moseley, Jo Anna Van Thuyne, Katie Kasperson, Jennifer Angelo, Jeff Orens, Falon Joslyn, Leanna Billings, Jo Pincushion, Liz Wagner, Paul Triggiani, John Bolaris, Andrew J. Kind, John McKeever, Alexa Marie Santy, Alison Crozier, Michael Andrew Moore, Gemma McIlhenny
Directors: Tony Trov, Johnny Zito
Genres: Horror
Writers: Tony Trov, Johnny Zito
Producers: Nicole Agostino, Kevin Gallagher, Zac Kind, Bill Moseley, Khush Singh, Shawn Singh, Tony Trov, Jo Anna Van Thuyne, Johnny Zito
Musicians: Mike Vivas

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