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Darkbound Review

Darkbound is an amazing book. Michaelbrent Collings outdid himself with this book. It is not at all what I thought it would be. I took three nights to finish this book because I stayed up way past my bedtime. Darkbound was so suspenseful that I just kept on reading to find out what is going to happen next. I will be reminded of this book every time I take the train. I don’t want to give this book away, but the way Michaelbrent wrote this book makes the reader feel like they were in the book, in the situation. I did not see the twist of the story in the end of this book. Darkbound is fill with tremendous details, agony, mystery, fear, gory, eagerness, impulse exciting and horrific elements. Michaelbrent had hidden messages in this book, and one of them is telling his readers there is a valuable lesson about choices they make in life. Darkbound will also make the readers start thinking about things they have done in their life and the consequences for their action and also what goes around, comes around.

Darkbound is about a six people trapped in a subway car, and they cannot get out. It all started with the passengers waiting on the subway platform for the arriving train. The train came, but only one car door would open, so the six passengers got into that one car.  They are faced with their worst nightmares of monsters and strangers. The passengers don’t know if to be scared of the monsters or other passengers. The passengers saw other passengers being killed in horrific ways in the other cars while the train is going rocketing speed through the maze like tunnel. Passengers were being murder with fingers torn from sockets, body pieces being bent in agonizing ways, dismemberment of body parts and being thrown around like a doll. One of the passengers name was Jim, and he couldn’t wait to get home to apologize to his wife and child for a fight they got in earlier. Little he may not know is that he might not get that chance to ask for their forgiveness. DARKBOUND planted some gory images in my head with the torturous kills it had in it.

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Title: Darkbound
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