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Sun Bleached Winter
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Sun Bleached Winter Review

I admire how the author, D. Robert Grixit introduces the characters in this book and how he prepares his readers for what to expect. The author did a great job describing the atmosphere, scenery and how chaotic, gloomy, lifeless, dark, scary, eerie and dangerous his surrounding is in the wastelands. This book had me captivated because the author wrote in a way that made his readers visualized everything as it’s happening.

This book at first is basically about Lionel and his sister Claire who have no sense of what day, time or year it is.  They are devastated and living day by day trying to survive from starvation and whatever creatures (Marauders/cannibals)  lurk in the dark. Lionel and his sister walk in the day in search of food from abandoned houses, ranger stations and where ever else they can find food. They will go days without food, but they kept their mind on surviving for the betterment of each other.  Lionel was faced with a difficult decision one day when he was in a rangers station and found a loaded gun.  He contemplated on taking his sisters life and his own because he was not sure if it was worth it to fight every day to survive. He did not take their life’s and soon after heard an announcement on the radio saying "The city…New City…Come…Safe place." He wasn’t sure if to believe that radio announcement or not or even if he should tell Claire.

Lionel did not lose hope in the ending of the book and continued to look for a safe place for Claire and himself.

I often wonder now after reading Sun Bleached Winter, if I was put in that situation, what would I do. Will I be able to endure the circumstances that are dealt to me and my family or will I simply give up?  It makes me think that this can really happen one day. I feel like I know Lionel and Claire and gives them a thumbs up for surviving so far with heat, little food and in the snowy wastelands. This is really a good read with lots of suspense and will keep most readers on the edge of their seat.  I would recommend this book.

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Title: Sun Bleached Winter
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