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Night Sea Journey
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Night Sea Journey Review

A Tale of the Supernatural Night Sea Journey is a great read, and it’s a book that I might read again one day. It was definitely a page turner where I did not want to put the book down because I can relate to this book in some aspects. Paula Cappa did a terrific job describing the characters of this book. Some of the main characters are Father Raymond Kera, Father Garcia and Kip Livingston. Kip has grey eyes with brown wavy hair. Kip Livingston is an artist who displays some of her art work of tradition landscape on the internet. One of her artwork is of the firehawk which she drew from her dreams. She sleeps with a revolver (gun) because she is terrified of her dreams and tells her psychiatrist about her reoccurring dream. Kip told her psychiatrist that that firehawk feeds on the lightning, has one golden claw, has 12 wings and has a blank face, chest full of orange flames and many other details which I won’t say because I don’t want to give the book away. Father Raymond is over six feet tall and in his late thirties. He has been waking up in the middle of the night with the same nightmares for most of his life. Father Raymond Kera confided in Priest Garcia about his nightmares in a sports bar while drinking shots of gin. Priest Garcia is a five foot six forty year old Cuban who has a scruffy beard, black eyes and a low haircut. Garcia is a priest that tries to help kids get off the streets that are tangled up in drugs and gangs. He does not wear a cross and has a street altar where he teaches the kids to rap to Psalm Twenty-Three. Kip and Raymond met at the art gallery where her work is being displayed at by Lucas Holt.

This is the first time I am reading author Paula Cappa’s work, and I love it. She is remarkable at what she does. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a great read, great writer, awesome detailed characters, demons, angels, and creatures. Night Sea Journey contains supernatural, romance, religious material and dreams. One of the creatures I cannot seem to stop thinking about is the firehawk because the author’s descriptive details about the hawk infused an image in my head. Paula’s writing is so intensive and captivating that I found myself re-reading some of the passages so I can mentally draw a picture to her material. I would not recommend this book to anyone who does not like to read mild language, Priest, Sisters, demons, and little violence. I like that the author threw some humor in this book that made me crackle a little. One that I adore was “The ol’ guy used to chase me out of that garden with a broom.” Referring to Kips Grandfather when he was alive. Kips’ grandfather would chase Lucas Holt off the garden and also any of Kips friends if they visited her.

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