Missing Era: The Emergence - A. O. Khalil Book Review

Missing Era: The Emergence
User Score: 46/100

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Missing Era: The Emergence Review

Missing Era: The Emergence was an average/ok read that I was eager to finish reading because I wanted to find out the end results. Author A. O. Khalil did a wonderful job giving the backstories to the main characters. I felt as I knew each of them and had an image/picture to most of the characters. I love the cover photo of this book, and I found myself staring at it for about five minutes trying to decipher it. The photo was very detailed and found out at the end of the book that the author would like us (the readers) to say on his Twitter page [email protected]) what we think it means.

Jayson is a young guy that works with a few other people at an architectural company. He is married to Julia/Jule, who works at the Aurora Medical Centre. They live in Aurora and sinkholes are popping up everywhere in the year 2016. There is nowhere for them to run as about 7% of the population is already missing. I found the book to be kind of boring by this point (p26) although it had great character development. I was happy that I kept on reading as I discovered that Jayson and the entire nation is in deeper trouble than I assumed. They are being attacked by something unknown as all of the government soldiers/army is missing and there is no trace as to where they went. The book captured a little more of my attention from this point on. Jayson thought about it and decided for them to go to his parents cabin after he discovered a sinkhole across the street from him. Jayson’s discovery on page 32/33 made me start wondering as to what is really invading Earth that has four fingers and feet that are smaller than their hands. I had an idea but could not wait to finish reading to see what this creature is.

He made plans with Jule’s family and his siblings to meet with each other and make their way to his parents’ cabin in Evergreen. The author introduced us to Jayson’s three siblings, older brother Daniel and younger sisters Sarah and Jessica in detail. Skip forward and we see/read about Jayson, Julia and Jayson’s sister going through life threatening disasters to meet Julia’s parents who live in Denver and ten minutes away from Daniel. Jayson takes his neighbor Pete along with them because Pete invited himself and Jayson could not just leave him there to die. The book includes one of Jayson’s sisters making humongous explosions with things around the kitchen.

I was shocked to read the truth about Pete and understood what the big shocker was about. I tried Googling the creatures/names (magibein/ugly/dwarfs, Drorar, Teribien) to read more about them because part of me thought that the author referred to real creatures (yes I am into unheard-of creatures) but I found out that they are not real and are made up names. It would have been an awesome concept if the book were based on real creatures. I felt as though the author could have indulged in the story a little more with more frights, intensity, action and more suspense. A little fewer details about the nitty gritty would have been better as I got a little disconnected when the story seemed dragged on. Maybe if the book was about 200 pages long instead of 386 with all of the meaty details included - I would have most likely enjoyed the book even more and gave it a 7 or 8. It was too prolonged with unneeded details at certain times. Overall the book was not a waste of my time, and it is a book that you either love or not.

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Title: Missing Era: The Emergence
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 2.3/5 stars from 28 users.
Total Avg. Votes: 28
Author: A. O. Khalil