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Flying Mutant Zombie Rats
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Flying Mutant Zombie Rats Review

Flying Mutant Zombie Rats is Book One of Moto Maddie BMX Portal by author Kat de Falla. The book contains slapstick tongue-in-cheek humor, creepy aliens, fantasy, adventure, zombies, supernatural adventure, a funny plot line, friendship, and rats with wings. I think kids ages eight through fourteen will enjoy this supernatural book more than others but anyone who enjoys kids books exploring the concept that kids can overcome almost anything will also enjoy this read. I am way older than fourteen years old, but I love the adventure that I went on with Pea and his friends. I recalled a lot of memories while reading this book because I also had a BMX bike. The book was an easy entertaining detailed read and is the type of book you want to keep on reading without putting it down. I did not want the book to end because I am a big fan of kids books and wish there was more.

Peabody "Pea" O’Neal is the normal average teenager in the early 1980s that loves his bike and likes to spend the majority of his time outdoor in his hometown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Pea and his friends main adventure for the summer is BMX dirt biking as summer vacation is approaching. Pea could not wait for the new dirt bike track to open tomorrow, so he sneaks out of his house in the middle of the night to go dirt bike riding. Pea wanted to be the first one to ride on the BMX tracks but was not ready for the encounters that took place. He was scared out of his mind and frighteningly made his way home. Pea returns to the BMX track the next day with his friends to show them a new trick he can do. The group heard a weird sound and turned around to see a portal with flying mutant zombie rats coming out of it. Pea and his friends have a new mission to complete with the alien cat helping them, and that is to save the world before it is too late. Max, the cat, reminded me of Garfield from my childhood days and an image of Garfield was in my head while reading this suspenseful mystery.

Illustrator Elayne Griffith did an awesome job on the book’s cover image and the images throughout the book. I gave my kids this book to read after I finished reading it, and they totally loved it. My ten-year-old read the book in one day, and my thirteen-year-old took about three days to finish the book because he had homework. They both love the book and looks forward to reading more mutant creature stories from Kat de Fella. One of my personal favorite things about this book is all of the encouraging messages the readers/kids receive. I gave this book an eight because it was an entertaining read. Some of the material might be too gruesome for younger kids, all depends on what their parents let them read/watch. The ending of the book was an action packed read, but it might be too gruesome for younger readers.

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