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List of Thriller movies starting with letter U - Thriller Movies List

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1). UFO (2018)

Score: 5.29/10 IMDB: 6.2/10 Trailer
Derek (Alex Sharp) a brilliant college student, haunted by a childhood UFO sighting, believes that mysterious sightings reported at multiple…

2). Ultraviolet (2006)

Score: 3.29/10 IMDB: 4.4/10 Trailer Review
Set in the late 21st century, a subculture of humans have emerged who have been modified genetically by a vampire-like…

3). Unaware (2010)

Score: 4.71/10 IMDB: 4.5/10 Trailer
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4). Unbreakable (2000)

Score: 6.52/10 IMDB: 7.3/10 Trailer Review
Actor Bruce Willis and writer/director M. Night Shyamalan reunite after the surprise success of The Sixth Sense for this supernatural…

5). Uncaged (2016)

Score: 4.39/10 IMDB: 4.2/10 Trailer
A sleepwalking teen straps a camera to himself and discovers a sinister family secret.

6). Under the Shadow (2016)

Score: 8.26/10 IMDB: 6.9/10 Trailer Review
As a mother and daughter struggle to cope with the terrors of the post-revolution, war-torn Tehran of the 1980s, a…

7). Under the Skin (2013)

Score: 7.7/10 IMDB: 6.3/10 Trailer Review
An alien entity inhabits the earthly form of a young woman who combs the roads and streets of Scotland in…

8). Underworld (2003)

Score: 5.55/10 IMDB: 7.0/10 Trailer Review
A war has been raging between the Vampires and Lycan for centuries, Selene (Beckinsale) is a death dealer, assigned to…

9). Underworld : The Rise of the Lycans (2009)

Score: 4.76/10 IMDB: 6.6/10 Trailer Review
The prequel story traces the origins of the centuries-old blood feud between the aristocratic vampires and their onetime slaves, the…

10). Underworld: Evolution (2006)

Score: 5.38/10 IMDB: 6.7/10 Trailer Review
Underworld: Evolution continues the saga of war between the vampires and the Lycans. The film goes back to the beginnings…

11). Unforgettable (2017)

Score: 4.07/10 IMDB: 5.1/10 Trailer
The film begins when Julia Banks is being questioned by a detective in the murder of her psychotic ex-boyfriend, Michael.…

12). Unforgettable (1996)

Score: 4.05/10 IMDB: 6.0/10 Trailer
Unsuccessfully framed for his wife's murder, Dr. David Krane attempts to find the real culprit by utilizing a new drug…

13). Unfriended (2014)

Score: 6.64/10 IMDB: 5.6/10 Trailer Review
While video chatting one night, six high school friends receive a Skype message from a classmate who killed herself exactly…

14). Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

Score: 5.63/10 IMDB: 5.9/10 Trailer
Tells the story about a teen who comes into possession of a new laptop and finds that it may have…

15). Unhallowed Ground (2015)

Score: 3.68/10 IMDB: 3.5/10 Trailer Review
Six private school students spend a night patrolling the eerie grounds of the historic Dhoultham School as part of a…

16). Unholy (2007)

Score: 4.37/10 IMDB: 3.9/10 Trailer
Martha, a widow living in rural Pennsylvania, comes home to find her daughter about to blow her own head off…

17). Unholy Women (2006)

Score: 5.57/10 IMDB: 6.0/10 Trailer
Unholy Women (Kowai onna), is a composite of three unrelated half-hour horror movies. The first segment, "Rattle Rattle", tells the…

18). Universal Soldier (1992)

Score: 5.05/10 IMDB: 6.0/10 Trailer Review
An elite team of soldiers has been used against terrorists where they use astounding physical capabilities to overcome them. Victoria,…

19). Unlisted Owner (2013)

Score: 4.49/10 IMDB: 4.1/10
The 'Owner House' has been vacant for several years because of its very dark history but with the recent series…

20). Unnatural (2015)

Score: 4.35/10 IMDB: 4.0/10 Trailer Review
Global climate change prompts a scientific corporation to genetically modify Alaskan polar bears with horrific and deadly results.

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