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  • Oblivion (2013) - Trailer

    Trailer: Oblivion (2013) A veteran assigned to extract Earth's remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself.

    Tags for Oblivion (2013) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2013, Oblivion, Horizons, Sci-Fi, Action, Mystery, Adventure, Joseph Kosinski, John L. Armijo, Morgan Freeman, Jay Oliver, Sebastian James, Tom Cruise, Zoë Bell, Fileena Bahris, Giovanni Silva, Melissa Leo, James Rawlings

  • Obsession (1976) - Trailer

    Trailer: Obsession (1976) A wealthy New Orleans businessman becomes obsessed with a young woman who resembles his wife.

    Tags for Obsession (1976) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1976, Obsession, Deja Vu, Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Brian De Palma, J. Patrick McNamara, Stocker Fontelieu, Cliff Robertson, John Lithgow, Robert Harper, Geneviève Bujold, Don Hood, Nella Simoncini Barbieri, John Creamer, Regis Cordic

  • Occupant (2011) - Trailer

    Trailer: Occupant (2011) 25 year old Danny Hill's grandmother just died giving Danny the chance to move into her enormous rent controlled apartment in Manhattan...

    Tags for Occupant (2011) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2011, Occupant, Thriller, Henry Miller, Van Hansis, Curtis McClarin, Cody Horn, Thorsten Kaye, Jamie Harrold, Christophe Lepage, David Little, Dylan Clark Marshall, Michael Muentz, Wade Mylius

  • Octane (2003) - Trailer

    Trailer: Octane (2003) While on a late night road trip home, a woman must save her rebellious teenage daughter who runs off with a bizarre group of blood-letting psychos.

    Tags for Octane (2003) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2003, Octane, Pulse, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Marcus Adams, Martin McDougall, Mischa Barton, Norman Reedus, Sam Douglas, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Madeleine Stowe, Raffaello Degruttola, Patrick O'Kane, Nigel Whitmey, Shauna Shim

  • Octopus (2000) - Trailer

    Trailer: Octopus (2000) During the Cuban Missle Crisis, a Russian sub is sunk while en route to Havana. As the sub goes down...

    Tags for Octopus (2000) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2000, Octopus, Dead Eye Six, Horror, Adventure, John Eyres, Martin McDougall, Velizar Binev, Ricco Ross, Ravil Isyanov, Marianne Stanicheva, Joe Virzi, Velimir Velev, Velimer Velev, Peter Mechkoff, Carolyn Lowery

  • Octopus 2: River of Fear (2001) - Trailer

    Trailer: Octopus 2: River of Fear (2001) Dead bodies are being found in the New York harbor. The police have no clues nor suspects until Nick...

    Tags for Octopus 2: River of Fear (2001) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2001, Octopus 2: River of Fear, Horror, Yossi Wein, Velizar Binev, Michael Reilly Burke, Duncan Fraser, Marianne Stanicheva, Harry Anichkin, Franklin A. Vallette, Chris Williams, Georgi Gatzov, Fredric Lehne, Stoyan Angelov

  • Oculus (2013) - Hello Again

    Mike Flanagan's Oculus (2013) looks really good. I cannot wait to see this horror movie. Oculus hits theaters this upcoming April 11, 2014. New horror movie Oculus stars Karen Gillan, Brenton Thwaites, Katee Sackhoff, Rory Cochrane,…

    Tags for Oculus (2013) - Hello Again: horror, movie, trailer, 2014, oculus, Mike Flanagan, Karen Gillan, Brenton Thwaites, Katee Sackhoff, Rory Cochrane, Annalise Basso, Garrett Ryan Ewald

  • Oculus (2014)

    Oculus (2013) is looking absolutely fantastic. The new horror movie is directed by Mike Flanagan and has a movie theater release date set for this upcoming April 11, 2014. Karen Gillan, Katee Sackhoff, Brenton Thwaites star…

    Tags for Oculus (2014): horror, movie, trailer, 2013, oculus, mike flanagan, Karen Gillan, Katee Sackhoff, Brenton Thwaites

  • Oculus (2014) - Portal

    Mike Flanagan’s Oculus (2014) continues to tease us with some great footage. This Oculus TV Spot shows some new footage so make sure you watch it. Definitely one of my must see horror movies of…

    Tags for Oculus (2014) - Portal: horror, movie, tv spot, 2014, oculus, Karen Gillan, Katee Sackhoff, Brenton Thwaites, Rory Cochrane., Mike Flanagan

  • Oculus (2014) - Teaser

    Mike Flanagan's (Absentia) Oculus (2014) is definitely a creepy new horror movie. I like that they have a little girl talking throughout the teaser trailer. Oculus stars Karen Gillan (Dr. Who, Outcast), Brenton Thwaites, Rory Cochrane…

    Tags for Oculus (2014) - Teaser: horror, movie, teaser, 2014, oculus, mike flanagan, Karen Gillan, Brenton Thwaites, Rory Cochrane, Katee Sackhoff

  • Odd Thomas (2013)

    Stephen Sommers (The Mummy) Odd Thomas (2013) will finally be released thanks to Image Entertainment. The horror movie was actually shot way back in 2011 and is based on the Dean Koontz book. After watching the…

    Tags for Odd Thomas (2013): horror, movie, trailer, 2013, odd thomas, Stephen Sommers, Anton Yelchin, Willem Dafoe, Addison Timlin

  • Of Unknown Origin (1983) - Trailer

    Trailer: Of Unknown Origin (1983)A man who recently completed rebuilding a townhouse becomes obsessed with a rat infestation until it becomes an interspecies duel.

    Tags for Of Unknown Origin (1983) - Trailer: horror, movie, trailer, Of Unknown Origin, 1983, George P. Cosmatos, Peter Weller, Jennifer Dale, Lawrence Dane

  • Office Killer (1997) - Trailer

    Trailer: Office Killer (1997) A mousy office worker accidentally kills one of her coworkers, then proceeds to bump off a few others.

    Tags for Office Killer (1997) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1997, Office Killer, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Cindy Sherman, Ben Affleck, Carol Kane, Michael Imperioli, Alice Drummond, John D. Bair, Eric Bogosian, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Barbara Sukowa, Molly Ringwald, Doug Barron

  • Officer Downe (2016) - Trailer

    Shawn Crahan's Officer Downe (2016) comes from the producers of Crank (2006) with a heavy emphasis on action. This sci-fi film features Officer Downe as a former police officer returned from the dead to clean…

    Tags for Officer Downe (2016) - Trailer: action, comedy, sci-fi, movie, trailer, Officer Downe, 2016, Shawn Crahan, Kim Coates, Tyler Ross, Meadow Williams

  • Offspring (2009) - Trailer

    Trailer: Offspring (2009) Survivors of a feral flesh-eating clan are chowing their way through the locals. Amy Halbard and Claire...

    Tags for Offspring (2009) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2009, Offspring, Horror, Andrew van den Houten, Pollyanna McIntosh, Art Hindle, Jack Ketchum, Jana Veldheer, Holter Graham, Stephen Grey, Robert Tonino, Andrew van den Houten, Peter Sass, Tommy Sass

  • Ogre (2008) - Trailer

    Trailer: Ogre (2008) A vicious Ogre rules over a town that has been stuck in time since the 1800's.

    Tags for Ogre (2008) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2008, Ogre, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Steven R. Monroe, Katharine Isabelle, Chelan Simmons, Don Thompson, Brendan Fletcher, John Shaw, Colby Johannson, John Schneider, Kyle Labine, Ryan Kennedy, Shawn Reis

  • Okja (2017) - Trailer

    Trailer: Okja(2017) A young girl named Mija risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend - a massive animal named Okja.

    Tags for Okja (2017) - Trailer: Action, Adventure, Drama, movie, trailer, 2017, okja, Bong Joon Ho, Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano, Seo-Hyun Ahn

  • Old 37 (2015) - Trailer / Poster

    Alan Smithee's Old 37 (2015) finally has a movie trailer released, about time since the film is set to be released on VOD and in movie theaters this upcoming September 29, 2015. DVD release date…

    Tags for Old 37 (2015) - Trailer / Poster: horror, movie, trailer, 2015, old 37, Alan Smithee, Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Jake Robinson

  • Oldboy (2003) - Trailer

    Trailer: Oldboy (2003) After being kidnapped and imprisoned for fifteen years, Oh Dae-Su is released, only to find that he must find his captor in five days.

    Tags for Oldboy (2003) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2003, Oldboy, Thriller, Drama, Action, Mystery, Chan-wook Park, Kirk Thornton, Michael McConnohie, Steve Kramer, Kari Wahlgren, Dae-yeon Lee, Dal-su Oh, Sherry Lynn, Hye-jeong Kang, Crispin Freeman, Mari Devon

  • Oldboy (2013)

    I have to admit I haven't been giving Spike Lee's remake of Park Chan-wook's Oldboy much play but with this trailer, I may have to give this movie a chance. The film, according to this…

    Tags for Oldboy (2013): action, movie, trailer, 2013, oldboy, spike lee, park chan-wook, Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley

  • Omen IV: The Awakening (1991) - Trailer

    Trailer: Omen IV: The Awakening (1991) Damien Thorn is dead, but his prophecy is reborn in a mysterious girl named Delia, who is adopted by two attorneys...

    Tags for Omen IV: The Awakening (1991) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1991, Omen IV: The Awakening, The Omen IV, The Omen IV: The Awakening, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Dominique Othenin-Girard, Jorge Montesi, William S. Taylor, Duncan Fraser, Madison Mason, Martin Cummins, Brent Stait, Lesley Ewen, Scott Swanson, William B. Davis, Don S. Davis, Serge Houde

  • OMG... We're in a Horror Movie (2014) - Trailer

    Ajala Bandele's OMG... We're in a Horror Movie (2014) trailer has a lot of dry humor which just did not win me over on the key part of the film, the comedy. It is missing…

    Tags for OMG... We're in a Horror Movie (2014) - Trailer: comedy, horror, movie, trailer, 2014, OMG... We're in a Horror Movie, Ajala Bandele, Brendan Mcgowan, Sharon Mae, Shanna Malcolm, Nils Janson, Chris Hampton, Ajala Bandele

  • On the Beach (1959) - Trailer

    Trailer: On the Beach (1959) After a global nuclear war, the residents of Australia must come to terms with the fact that all life will be destroyed in a matter of months.

    Tags for On the Beach (1959) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1959, On the Beach, Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance, Stanley Kramer, Anthony Perkins, Gregory Peck, Peter Williams, Grant Taylor, Fred Astaire, Kevin Brennan, Richard Meikle, Keith Eden, Peter O'Shaughnessy, John Meillon

  • On the Road (2012) - Trailer

    Trailer: On the Road (2012) Young writer Sal Paradise has his life shaken by the arrival of free-spirited Dean Moriarty and his girl, Marylou. As they travel across the country, they encounter a mix of…

    Tags for On the Road (2012) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2012, On the Road, Drama, Adventure, Romance, Walter Salles, Joe Chrest, Daniel Kash, Kristen Stewart, Viggo Mortensen, Alice Braga, Emily D. Haley, Steve Buscemi, Larry Day, Kirsten Dunst, Arthur Holden

  • Once Bitten (1985) - Trailer

    Trailer: Once Bitten (1985) A vampire Countess needs to drink the blood of a virgin in order to keep her eternal beauty. It seems that all is hopeless, until she bumps into Mark Kendall.

    Tags for Once Bitten (1985) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1985, Once Bitten, Horror, Comedy, Howard Storm, Stuart Charno, Dean Stockwell, Jeb Stuart Adams, Opelene Bartley, Hillary Carlip, Chris Tashima, Peter Elbling, Carey More, Dominick Brascia, Beans Morocco

  • One Dark Night (1982) - Trailer

    Trailer: One Dark Night (1982) As part of an initiation into a club called the Sisters, a young girl must spend the night in a mausoleum.

    Tags for One Dark Night (1982) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1982, One Dark Night, Night in the Crypt, Horror, Tom McLoughlin, Kevin Peter Hall, Meg Tilly, Elizabeth Daily, Leo Gorcey Jr., Nancy Mott, Martin Nosseck, Adam West, Albert Ash, Shandor, Melissa Newman

  • One Drop (2016) - Teaser Trailer / Poster

    Tricia Lee's One Drop (2016) first teaser looks great. There is so much going on but it still flows well. Although their IndieGoGo campaign did not get enough traction for the full funding that they needed, they…

    Tags for One Drop (2016) - Teaser Trailer / Poster: horror, movie, teaser, 2016, one drop, tricia lee, Lara Gilchrist, Benjamin Arthur, Torri Higginson

  • One Eyed Girl (2014) - Trailer / Blu-ray Release Date Details

    Dark Sky Films and Nick Matthews are bringing us One Eyed Girl (2014) on Blu-ray/DVD and digital download on December 8, 2015. Mark Leonard Winter, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Steve Le Marquand, Craig Behenna, and Sara West star in…

    Tags for One Eyed Girl (2014) - Trailer / Blu-ray Release Date Details: drama, thriller, movie, trailer, 2014, One Eyed Girl, nick matthews, dark sky films, Mark Leonard Winter, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Steve Le Marquand, Craig Behenna, Sara West

  • One Hour Photo (2002) - Trailer

    Trailer: One Hour Photo (2002) A mentally unstable photo developer begins to attack a middle-class family after his obsession with them becomes more sick and disturbing than any of them could imagine.

    Tags for One Hour Photo (2002) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2002, One Hour Photo, Horror, Thriller, Drama, Mark Romanek, Clark Gregg, Robin Williams, Lee Garlington, Robert Clotworthy, Wayne Wilderson, Jim Rash, Eriq La Salle, Dylan Smith, Nick Searcy, Paul Hansen Kim

  • One Million Years B.C. (1966) - Trailer

    Trailer: One Million Years B.C. (1966) Prehistoric man Tumak is banished from his savage tribe and meets pretty Loana who belongs to a gentler coastal tribe but he must fight caveman Payto to win her…

    Tags for One Million Years B.C. (1966) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1966, One Million Years B.C., Fantasy, Adventure, Don Chaffey, James Payne, John Richardson, Robert Brown, Martine Beswick, Richard James, Vic Perrin, Raquel Welch, Nikki Van der Zyl, Dido Plumb, Percy Herbert

  • One Missed Call (2003) - Trailer

    Trailer: One Missed Call (2003) People mysteriously start receiving voicemail messages from their future selves, in the form of the sound of them reacting to their own violent deaths.

    Tags for One Missed Call (2003) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2003, Chakushin ari, One Missed Call, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Takashi Miike, Karen Strassman, Michael McConnohie, Doug Stone, Barbara Goodson, Steve Staley, Kayoko Fujii, Peter Doyle, Renji Ishibashi, Ken'ichi Endô, Kim Strauss

  • One Missed Call (2008) - Trailer

    Trailer: One Missed Call (2008) Several people start receiving voice-mails from their future selves - messages which include the date, time, and some of the details of their deaths.

    Tags for One Missed Call (2008) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2008, One Missed Call, Horror, Mystery, Eric Valette, Ray Wise, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Jason Beghe, Randy McDowell, Jody Thompson, Anthony B. Harris, Shaun Lynch, Rhoda Griffis, Shannyn Sossamon, Shaun Michael Lynch

  • One Missed Call 2 (2005) - Trailer

    Trailer: One Missed Call 2 (2005) In Japan, the daycare teacher Kyoko Okudera is convinced by her colleague and friend Madoka to visit...

    Tags for One Missed Call 2 (2005) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2005, Chakushin ari 2, One Missed Call 2, Horror, Mystery, Renpei Tsukamoto, Nana Koizumi, Tara Platt, Renji Ishibashi, Asaka Seto, Mimura, Hisashi Yoshizawa, Haruko Wanibuchi, Peter Ho, Chisun, Shadow Liu

  • One Missed Call Final (2006) - Trailer

    Trailer: One Missed Call Final (2006) The timid, young Asuka is bullied by her classmates. When they embark on a class field trip to Korea...

    Tags for One Missed Call Final (2006) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2006, Chakushin ari final, One Missed Call Final, Horror, Manabu Asô, Miho Amakawa, Camille LaBry West, Sora Matsumoto, Koto Takagi, Karen Ôshima, Ayumi Takahashi, Keun Suk Jang, Maki Horikita, Suna Ikeda, Meisa Kuroki

  • One Touch of Venus (1948) - Trailer

    Trailer: One Touch of Venus (1948) Fantasy comedy about a young window dresser who kisses a statue of Venus, which then comes to life in the form of Ava Gardner. The problems begin, however, when…

    Tags for One Touch of Venus (1948) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1948, One Touch of Venus, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Musical, William A. Seiter, Gregory La Cava, John Davidson, James Flavin, George Meeker, Dick Gordon, Joan Miller, Hugh Herbert, Martha Montgomery, Anne Nagel, Pat Parrish, Bess Flowers

  • One-Eyed Monster (2008) - Trailer

    Trailer: One-Eyed Monster (2008) A hostile alien wreaks havoc on the cast and crew of an adult movie.

    Tags for One-Eyed Monster (2008) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2008, One-Eyed Monster, Horror, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Adam Fields, Jeff Denton, Amber Benson, Charles Napier, Bart Fletcher, John Edward Lee, Ron Jeremy, Jason Graham, Caleb Mayo, Jenny Guy, Veronica Hart

  • Oneechanbara: The Movie (2008) - Trailer

    Trailer: Oneechanbara: The Movie (2008) In the year 20XX a mysterious scientist discovers a way to bring back the dead . . . only it turns one town into a zombie-infested hellhole...

    Tags for Oneechanbara: The Movie (2008) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2008, Oneechanbara: The Movie, Onechanbara - Zombie Bikini Squad, Horror, Action, Yôhei Fukuda, Tarô Suwa, Eri Otoguro, Tetsu Watanabe, Tomohiro Waki, Manami Hashimoto, Chise Nakamura, Ai Hazuki, Satoshi Hakuzen, Hiroaki Kawatsure, Sari Kurauchi

  • Onibaba (1964) - Trailer

    Trailer: Onibaba (1964) Two women kill samurai and sell their belongings for a living. While one of them is having an affair with their neighbor, the other woman meets a mysterious samurai wearing a bizarre…

    Tags for Onibaba (1964) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1964, Onibaba, Horror, Kaneto Shindô, Nobuko Otowa, Jitsuko Yoshimura, Kei Satô, Jûkichi Uno, Taiji Tonoyama, Kentarô Kaji, Hosui Araya, Fudeko Tanaka, Michinori Yoshida, Hiroyoshi Yamaguchi

  • Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) - International Trailer

    Only Lovers Left Alive may have slipped most of you but make sure you check out the new vampire movie trailer. The vampire film stars Tilda Swinton (Constantine), Tom Hiddleston (Thor), Mia Wasikowska (Stoker, Alice in…

    Tags for Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) - International Trailer: horror, movie, trailer, international, 2013, only lovers left alive, vampires, Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, John Hurt, Anton Yelchin, Jeffrey Wright, Jim Jarmusch

  • Onmyoji: The Yin Yang Master (2001) - Trailer

    Trailer: Onmyoji: The Yin Yang Master (2001) Set in the capital city of Kyoto during the Heian period, a magician and fortune teller Onmyoji Seimei...

    Tags for Onmyoji: The Yin Yang Master (2001) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2001, Onmyoji, Onmyoji: The Yin Yang Master, Horror, Drama, Action, Fantasy, Yôjirô Takita, Steve Blum, Richard Cansino, Steve Kramer, Mona Marshall, Kari Wahlgren, Tom Wyner, Tony Oliver, Bob Papenbrook, Simon Prescott, Hiroyuki Sanada

  • Open Grave (2013)

    Open Grave trailer looks solid and creepy. I get the tone of the movie to be something like The Crazies which I enjoyed. This definitely looks like a horror movie to watch. Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego (Apollo 18),…

    Tags for Open Grave (2013): horror, movie, trailer, 2013, open grave, Sharlto Copley, Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego

  • Open Graves (2009) - Trailer

    Trailer: Open Graves (2009) A group of surfers discover an old board game which claims a life every time it is played.

    Tags for Open Graves (2009) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2009, Open Graves, Mamba, Horror, Thriller, Álvaro de Armiñán, Mike Vogel, Ethan Rains, Wendy Kay, Eliza Dushku, Martxelo Rubio, Arturo Garcia Otaduy, Eva Nilsen, Arantxa López, Unate Aguirre, Naike Rivelli

  • Open House (2010) - Trailer

    Trailer: Open House (2010) A couple on the verge of a nasty divorce attempt to sell their empty love nest and move on with their lives...

    Tags for Open House (2010) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2010, Open House, Thriller, Drama, Crime, Andrew Paquin, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, William Morse, Gerald Downey, Rachel Blanchard, Jessica Collins, Larry Sullivan, Magda Rivera, Timothy Thomas Brown, Cary Alexander

  • Open Water (2003) - Trailer

    Trailer: Open Water (2003) Based on the true story of two scuba divers accidentally stranded in shark infested waters after their tour boat has left.

    Tags for Open Water (2003) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2003, Open Water, Horror, Thriller, Drama, Adventure, Romance, Biography, Chris Kentis, Blanchard Ryan, Daniel Travis, Saul Stein, Michael E. Williamson, Cristina Zenato, John Charles, Estelle Lau, Steve Lemme

  • Open Windows (2013)

    Open Windows is the latest horror movie in the works starring Elijah Woods and Sasha Grey. Both stars appear to really like the horror genre and we love seeing them in our horror movies. Elijah…

    Tags for Open Windows (2013): horror, movie, trailer, 2013, open windows, elijah woods, sasha grey

  • Open Windows (2014) - Updated Trailer

    This is an updated trailer for Open Windows (2014) to the original trailer posted last year. Check out the Open Windows review here to see what we scored this thriller. I like that this trailer is totally…

    Tags for Open Windows (2014) - Updated Trailer: thriller, action, crime, movie, trailer, 2014, open windows, elijah wood, sasha grey, Nacho Vigalondo, Neil Maskell

  • Open Your Eyes (1997) - Trailer

    Trailer: Open Your Eyes (1997) A very handsome man finds the love of his life, but he suffers an accident and needs to have his face rebuilt by surgery after it is severely disfigured.

    Tags for Open Your Eyes (1997) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1997, Abre los ojos, Open Your Eyes, Permanent Midnight, Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Romance, Alejandro Amenábar, Penélope Cruz, Tristán Ulloa, Pepe Navarro, Jaro, Fele Martínez, Carola Angulo, Gérard Barray, Fanny Gautier, Eduardo Noriega, Luis García

  • Opera (1987) - Trailer

    Trailer: Opera (1987) A young opperata is stalked by a deranged fan bent on killing the people associated with her to claim her for himself.

    Tags for Opera (1987) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1987, Opera, Terror at the Opera, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Dario Argento, Dario Argento, Michele Soavi, Daria Nicolodi, Barbara Cupisti, Sebastiano Somma, Urbano Barberini, Karl Zinny, Peter Pitsch, Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, Antonella Vitale

  • Orgy of the Dead (1965) - Trailer

    Trailer: Orgy of the Dead (1965) John and his girlfriend Shirley go in search of a cemetary in order to inspire John for writing his next horror story...

    Tags for Orgy of the Dead (1965) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1965, Orgy of the Dead, A.C. Stephen's Orgy of the Dead, Orgy of the Vampires, Horror, Fantasy, Stephen C. Apostolof, Stephanie Jones, Louis Ojena, John Andrews, Criswell, Edward Tontini, Rod Lindeman, William Bonner, John Bealey, Fawn Silver, Arlene Spooner

  • Orlando (1992) - Trailer

    Trailer: Orlando (1992) Young nobleman Orlando is commanded by Queen Elizabeth I to stay forever young. Miraculously, he does just that...

    Tags for Orlando (1992) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1992, Orlando, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Biography, Sally Potter, Toby Jones, Tilda Swinton, Billy Zane, Matthew Sim, Peter Eyre, Barbara Hicks, Anna Farnworth, Toby Stephens, Lothaire Bluteau, Jerome Willis

  • Orphan (2009) - Trailer

    Trailer: Orphan(2009) A husband and wife who recently lost their baby adopt a nine year-old girl who is not nearly as innocent as she claims to be.

    Tags for Orphan (2009) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2009, Orphan, The Orphan, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Jaume Collet-Serra, CCH Pounder, Vera Farmiga, Rosemary Dunsmore, Peter Sarsgaard, Isabelle Fuhrman, Karel Roden, Andrew Shaver, Jimmy Bennett, Lorry Ayers, Landon Norris

  • Ouija (2014)

    Stiles White's Ouija (2014) from Universal Pictures looks like it has real potential. I would not touch a Ouija Board but I certainly like a majority of horror movies involving them. Ouija releases in movie theaters…

    Tags for Ouija (2014): action, thriller, movie, trailer, 2014, Ouija, Stiles White, Universal Pictures, Olivia Cooke, Ana Coto, Daren Kagasoff

  • Ouija (2014) - Extended TV Spot

    I have to see Ouija (2014) this October 24, 2014 in movie theaters. Check out this new extended TV spot for Ouija and witness the allure of the Ouija Board. I know we have seen this kind of…

    Tags for Ouija (2014) - Extended TV Spot: horror, movie, trailer, 2014, Ouija, demons, Stiles White, Olivia Cooke, Douglas Smith, Bianca Santos

  • Ouija (2014) - UK Trailer

    Universal Pictures' Ouija (2014) has been looking really enticing and I am going to watch this new movie for sure. Ouija releases in movie theaters this October 24, 2014. There are a few new scenes…

    Tags for Ouija (2014) - UK Trailer: horror, movie, trailer, 2014, Ouija, Universal Pictures, Olivia Cooke, Douglas Smith, Bianca Santos, Stiles White

  • Ouija 2 (2016) - Trailer / Poster 2

    Mike Flanagan (Hush (2016), Oculus (2013)) is bringing us Ouija 2 (2016), aka Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016), in movie theaters on October 21, 2016. This new film is the prequel to Ouija (2014) which…

    Tags for Ouija 2 (2016) - Trailer / Poster 2: horror, thriller, movie, trailer, poster, 2016, Ouija 2, Ouija: Origin of Evil, Mike Flanagan, Universal Pictures, Elizabeth Reaser, Parker Mack, Annalise Basso, Sam Anderson, Kate Siegel, Henry Thomas, Annalise Basso, Lulu Wilson, Doug Jones

  • Out of the Dark (2014) - Trailer

    Lluís Quílez's Out of the Dark (2014) looks great from this movie trailer. The creepy looking ghost children are a great touch and I like that the horror film is a little different. Out of…

    Tags for Out of the Dark (2014) - Trailer: horror, thriller, movie, trailer, 2014, out of the dark, Julia Stiles, Scott Speedman, Stephen Rea, Lluis Quilez

  • Out of Time (2003) - Trailer

    Trailer: Out of Time (2003) A Florida police chief must solve a vicious double homicide before he himself falls under suspicion.

    Tags for Out of Time (2003) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2003, Out of Time, Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Crime, Romance, Carl Franklin, Eva Mendes, Denzel Washington, WBBrown II, Sanaa Lathan, Steve Raulerson, James Murtaugh, Natalie McNeil, Antoni Corone, Gustavo Perez, Parris Buckner

  • Outbreak (1995) - Trailer

    Trailer: Outbreak (1995) Extreme measures are necessary to contain an epidemic of a deadly airborne virus. But how extreme, exactly?

    Tags for Outbreak (1995) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1995, Outbreak, Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Drama, Action, Wolfgang Petersen, Morgan Freeman, Zakes Mokae, Donald Sutherland, Patrick Dempsey, Johnny Kim, Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc, Bruce Holman, Robert Alan Beuth, George Christy, Gordon Michaels

  • Outcast (2010) - Trailer

    Trailer: Outcast (2010) It tells the tale of Petronella (a Scottish/Romany girl) and Fergal (her mysterious Irish traveller boyfriend)...

    Tags for Outcast (2010) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2010, Outcast, Horror, Colm McCarthy, Karen Gillan, Ian Whyte, James Nesbitt, Fiona O'Shaughnessy, Andrew Martin, Kate Dickie, James Cosmo, David Baxter, Hanna Stanbridge, Ciarán McMenamin

  • Outcast (2014) - Trailer

    Trailer: Outcast (2014) A mysterious warrior teams up with the daughter and son of a deposed Chinese Emperor to defeat their cruel brother, who seeks their deaths.

    Tags for Outcast (2014) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2014, Outcast, Thriller, Action, Adventure, History, Nick Powell, Nicolas Cage, Alaa Safi, Fernando Chien, Hayden Christensen, Vander McLeod, Steven Dasz, Paul Philip Clark, Ivan Kotik, Jawed El Berni, Brian Ho

  • Outland (1981) - Trailer

    Trailer: Outland (1981) In the distant future, a police marshal stationed at a remote mining colony on the Jupiter moon of Io uncovers a drug-smuggling conspiracy, and gets no help from the populace when he…

    Tags for Outland (1981) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 1981, Outland, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action, Crime, Western, Peter Hyams, Eugene Lipinski, Angus MacInnes, Peter Boyle, Frances Sternhagen, Brendan Hughes, John Ratzenberger, Ron Travis, Sean Connery, Clarke Peters, Manning Redwood

  • Outlander (2008) - Trailer

    Trailer: Outlander (2008) During the reign of the Vikings, Kainan, a man from a far-off world, crash lands on Earth, bringing with him an alien predator known as the Moorwen. Though both man and monster…

    Tags for Outlander (2008) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2008, Outlander, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Howard McCain, Ron Perlman, John Hurt, Sophia Myles, Todd Schroeder, Matt Cooke, Ted Ludzik, Jack Huston, James Binkley, Bryan Renfro, Aidan Devine

  • Outlast - Trailer

    Red Barrels is bringing scary back to horror games. Outlast is totally scary and creepy but has action as you run frantically for your life. Outlast will be a Playstation and PC exclusive, no XBox…

    Tags for Outlast - Trailer: horror, game, trailer, 2013, e3, outlast, survival, red, barrels, ps4, pc

  • Outlast: Whistleblower

    Game developer Red Barrels just released their new trailer for one of the scariest games of 2013; DLC to Outlast, Outlast: Whistleblower. Look for Outlast: Whistleblower to release this May 6, 2014 for the Playstation 4 and…

    Tags for Outlast: Whistleblower: horror, game, trailer, 2014, Outlast: Whistleblower, red barrels, playstation 4, pc, dlc

  • Outpost (2008) - Trailer

    Trailer: Outpost (2008) In war-torn Eastern Europe, a world-weary group of mercenaries discover a long-hidden secret in an abandoned WWII bunker.

    Tags for Outpost (2008) - Trailer: movie, trailer, 2008, Outpost, Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Steve Barker, Richard Brake, Michael Smiley, Ray Stevenson, Julian Wadham, Scott Peden, Paul Blair, Enoch Frost, Mark Smith, Leo Horsfield, Fergus Johnston

  • Outpost III: Rise of the Spetsnaz (2014)

    XLrator Media has scheduled Outpost III: Rise of the Spetsnaz to be released on various VOD platforms this upcoming January 21, 2014 along with a limited theatrical release March 18, 2014. Zombie movie fans will most…

    Tags for Outpost III: Rise of the Spetsnaz (2014): horror, movie, trailer, 2014, outpost 3, Outpost III: Rise of the Spetsnaz, xlrator media, zombies,

  • Overkill's The Walking Dead Game Reveal Teaser Trailer (Game)

    Starbreeze AB, the folks who did Payday 2, will be working on the next The Walking Dead game titled Overkill. At the end of the trailer is a special message from Robert Kirkman endorsing the…

    Tags for Overkill's The Walking Dead Game Reveal Teaser Trailer (Game): horror, game, trailer, 2016, overkill, the walking dead, robert Kirkman, starbreeze ab, zombies

  • Overkill's The Walking Dead Video Game VR Experience Trailer

    Overkill takes you deep into a world filled with zombies. Overkill's The Walking Dead game is set for a 2016 release date but we have here the VR Experience trailer which features a a lot…

    Tags for Overkill's The Walking Dead Video Game VR Experience Trailer: horror, game, trailer, 2016, the walking dead, overkill, zombies, e3 2015

  • Oz the Great and Powerful (2013) - Trailer

    Sam Raimi is back in the director's seat and brings us Oz: The Great and Powerful (2013). We get to the story of how the Wizard of Oz came to Oz. James Franco plays the…

    Tags for Oz the Great and Powerful (2013) - Trailer: Adventure, Family, Fantasy, movie, trailer, 2013, james franco, mila kunis, rachel weisz, michelle williams, zach braff, sam raimi, Oz the Great and Powerful

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