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Gender: Male

Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea

Steven Yeun is a Korean American actor that was born December 21, 1983 in Seoul, South Korea. He is 5' 9" (1.75 m), and his birth name is Yeun Sang-yeop. He was born to Je Yeun and June Yeun, who are first-generation South Korean parents. His father was an architect in South Korea but decided to move his family to Regina, Saskatchewan and then to Troy, Michigan, USA. Je and June owned two beauty supply stores in Detroit and raised Steven in a Christian household. Steven is an investor of a Korean-Mediterranean fusion restaurant, The Bun Shop in Koreatown, Los Angeles. The Bun Shop is owned by his younger brother Brian Yeun and business partner James Seok. He knows Korean but is not fluent in it as his parents are.

He attended Kalamazoo College and graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology and a concentration in neuroscience in 2005. He started liking acting in his freshman year in college but did not get a part in Monkapult after auditioning. He became part of the improv Monkapult group in his sophomore year of college. He later told his parents that he does not want a career in law or medical but instead in improv acting as a career. He met Jordan Klepper through his sister in college whom he later went with to Chicago to join Second City. He joined The Second City and then moved to Los Angeles in October 2009. His parents like any other parents were not thrilled with the idea but supported him and gave him a two-year period to pursue his acting career. He moved to Chicago after college in 2005 and lived with his brother Brian in the city’s Lincoln Square. He then joined an Asian-American sketch comedy group, Stir Friday Night in Chicago.

Steven Yeun has acted in over 23 movies/TV series and over 60 episodes of AMC's The Walking Dead TV series. He is known for his role as Glenn Rhee in AMC's The Walking Dead (2010–present) series. He has also appeared in a few short films and played Wan in The Legend of Korra (2013). Some commercials he has appeared in are for Best Buy, Apple and Milky Way.

Steven Yeun did the voice of soldiers in the following video games: Crysis Korean (2007) and Crysis Warhead (2008).

Some of his quotes are:

“Whatever I lack in size and strength and speed, I kind of make up for in being grittier. When it comes to something like basketball I'm definitely not the best guy on the court, but I love elbowing and pushing people out or boxing them out”

“I felt like I've needed to ask my parents up until about four years ago about everything. They have helped me tremendously, I came out of college with no debt. Everything they made, they just poured into my education”

“Maybe it's a cultural thing, being Korean, but my first reflex has always been to exude humility - but it doesn't help you in acting. For acting, humility isn't the best thing. It'll weaken your work”

“I took up boxing to get in shape for filming because it's grueling - all the running, the heat, the yelling, the crying that we do”.

Actor Steven Yeun Movies / Films:

Sorry to Bother You (2018) Burning (2018) Okja (2017) Mayhem (2017)
Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia (2016)
The Walking Dead (2010)

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